goanna ancient aboriginal symbbols

5 Ancient Aboriginal Symbols

Ancient Aboriginal symbols have been used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia to depict their experiences as well as to transmit the knowledge and…

Brief History Of Jazz

A Brief History Of Jazz

The Roots Of Jazz: The Harlem Great Migration The roots and story of Jazz are inseparable from the story of Harlem. After the abolition…

Ancient Alien Memes

Top Ten Ancient Alien Memes

Top Ten Ancient Alien & UFO Memes The Ancient Astronaut Debate and UFOs are a Pop Culture staple. Its therefore no suprise that the…

Documentary- State Of Mind

State of Mind a documentary film on mental health in Zimbabwe by Hopewell Chin’ono is powerful! It explores the issues and challenges faced by mental…

Modern Warrior lady Ninjas Michelle Yeoh

Warrior Women Of The Modern World

In Warrior Women Of The Ancient world, we explored the legacy of some of Ancient History’s most memorable Warrior Women with outstanding Military achievements….