Western Civilization

Africans in Ancient Rome

Africans In The Roman Empire

Black Africans were part of The Roman Empire at its height when the Roman Empire included territorry stretching all the way into North Africa….

Roman Siege Of Jerusalem

The Roman Siege Of Jerusalem

The Roman Empire depended on the Imperial Cult which required that residents of the Empire worship the Roman Emperor as a God. While the…

Hannibal Of Carthage

Hannibal Of Carthage

Although Hannibal’s heroic life ended in defeat, its quite possible that if Hannibal and Carthage had triumphed over Rome at the Battle of Zama…

The Spartacus Rebellion

The Spartacus Rebellion

Spartacus’ rebellion was the last and most important of the slave uprisings in Ancient Rome. Lasting a total of 3 years, the War that…

History and Legacy Of The Minoan Civilization

The Minoan Civilization

The Minoan Civilization is known as the earliest Greek Civilization which developed a high Culture and early Alphabet known as linear script on the…

Queen Boudicca Revolt

Queen Boudicca’s Revolt

Queen Boudicca of the Iceni is one of the most famous warrior women in History who led a fierce Rebellion against Rome in Roman…

athens constitution

The Athenian Constitution

The Athenian Constitution Of Ancient Athens is a work by Aristotle that discusses the Legal and Political Structures of Ancient Athens. It has proved…