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Igbo Names Of The Egyptian Gods

Igbo Origins Of The Egyptian Gods

According to Professor Catherine Acholonu, the names of the Egyptian Gods suggest that they originated amongst the ancient Igbo people of Nigeria. Igbo Origins Of…

Metu Neter Gods Of Kemet

The Metu Neter Gods Of Kemet

The Kemetic Spirituality of the Nile Valley Black Africans of Ancient Kemet in Egypt was based on the meaning of the Medu Neter Hieroglyph…

The Ausarian Religion Of Ancient Kemet

Ausar: The First Christ

The Ausarian (Osirian) Religion of Ancient Kemet later called Egypt was the first system of Spiritual Initiation in History developed in Nile Valley Egyptian…

Igbo Spirituality Cultural Beliefs

Igbo Spiritual Beliefs

 Igbo Spirituality is a complex and multifaceted system of cultural beliefs that incorporates respect for Ancestors, Deities and Nature. In this entry we explore…