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                                                                                                                         Ikenga Chronicles Synopsis

Ikenga Chronicles aims to be a riveting work of African-futurism written by Ogun Ra and published by Publishing
Ikenga Chronicles presents the colonization and de-colonization of Africa in a unique way by portraying it as an alien invasion.
Ikenga Chronicles
The story is set on Planet Dogon, where the Ikenga represent the Africans before they encountered the Dorians from Planet Mycen, who represent the European colonizers.
Ikenga Chronicles adapts African Mythology such as Ancient Kemet’s Ausarian Drama, events and figures from African and world History to tell the story of Africa’s Pre-Colonial History, the disruption caused by Colonialism and the complexities of De-Colonisation through Anti-Colonial Wars of resistance.
In Part 1, the story introduces the historical memory and consciousness of the Ikenga, who are descended from Ancient Kemet. The Dorians are depicted as explorers searching for a habitable planet to escape their own home planet, which is on the brink of collapse due to overpopulation, inflation, and a depleted atmosphere.
Part 2 focuses on the colonization of the Ikenga by the Dorians and the first non-violent phase of anti-colonial resistance until this resistance is crushed by the Dorians when they impose a State of Emergency.
Part 3 describes the armed resistance phase of the Ikenga to liberate themselves from the colonial rule of the Dorians within the context of inter-galactic power politics which represents the role Cold War Geopolitics played in the decolonization of Africa.
Ikenga Chronicles also explores how the terms of compromise Independence agreements concluded between the Colonised and the Colonised still have an impact on post-colonial Africa today, particularly on issues like land ownership.
Overall, Ikenga Chronicles is meant to be the 1st Book in a Trilogy of thought-provoking and compelling works that aim to interrogate traditional perspectives on colonization and its impact on Africa.
The Novella also highlights the importance of the African Matriarch to address the question of gender relations in Pre-Colonial Africa that were disrupted by Colonialism.
Ikenga Chronicles is a must-read for anyone interested in African-futurism, science fiction, and the historical memory and consciousness of the African continent.
The novella also explores the origins of Ancient African Spiritual Technology based on African Spiritual Science and how this can be used in the modern day.
Ikenga Chronicles will be available for purchase as an E-Book on Amazon and directly from the website in March.
We’ll be dropping selected chapters from Ikenga Chronicles as well as the Theme Song for the Novella which will be part of the Novella’s Soundtrack.