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The Staggie Brothers Story

The Staggie Brothers Story

The story of the Staggie Twin Brothers, Rashaad and Rashied, from Cape Town’s Cape Flats, is a profound illustration of the complexities of organized…

The Assassination of Charl Kinnear by corruption and organised crime in South Africa

The Assassination of Charl Kinnear

In the battle against organized crime, few stories resonate as profoundly as those of courageous individuals who stand firm against the forces of darkness,…

The Doowop Story

The Doo Wop Story

The Doo Wop Story: Influencing Harlem’s 1980s Hustlers and Beyond A strict code ruled the streets of Harlem in the 1980s in an era…

The Jimmy Henchman Story

The Jimmy Henchman Story

In the American music industry and the underworld, few figures have been as controversial and enigmatic as James Rosemond, known popularly as Jimmy Henchman….

The Unique Mecca Audio Hall Harlem Drug Dealer Story

The Unique Hall Story

In the gritty and pulsating streets of Harlem during the 1980s, Unique Mecca Audio Hall emerged as a prominent figure, not only as a…

The Nicky Barnes Story

The Nicky Barnes Story

Leroy “Nicky” Barnes was a drug lord who operated in New York City where he became a powerful figure in New York’s underworld during…