Biggie And Tupac: What Really Happened (Part 3)?

Notorious B.I.G. Who Shot Ya Biggie and Tupac Murder investigation
The Murder of Biggie Smalls in LA by Suge Knight and Death Row Records explained

Following from our discussion of the Tupac Murder in Part 2, we continue in with the Murder Rap Taskforce Investigation’s Report explaining what really happened between Biggie And Tupac.

Bigge Murder: The LAPD Theory

As stated in Part 1, the Murder Rap Taskforce led to the discovery of what happened between Biggie and Tupac even though the Murder Rap Task Force was set up intially to address a wrongful death Lawsuit for US$400 Million filed by Biggie’s Estate against the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Lawsuit filed by Biggie’s Estate blamed corrupt Los Angeles Police Officers who were working as part-time security guards for Deathrow Records and hired by Suge Knight as the ones responsible for the Biggie shooting as a revenge killing for the Tupac murder in Vegas the previous year.

This theory on what really happened between Biggie and Tupac held sway for a long time and was enough to persuade Biggie’s Attorneys into filing a Lawsuit, and is commonly referred to as the ‘Russel Poole Theory’, a former Police Detective who initially investigated what happened in the Biggie and Tupac murders.

Russel Poole concluded in his Book ‘Labyrinth’ that Biggie had been killed by corrupt LA Police Officers working as security for Deathrow.

The Russel Poole theory on what happened between Biggie and Tupac was also supported by the Nick Broomfield Documentary ‘Biggie & Tupac’.

The Murder Rap Taskforce Investigation On Who Killed Biggie

Once again, according to the Keefe D confession from Part 2, Biggie was killed by ‘Poochie’, an Assassin hired by Suge Knight to kill Biggie as a revenge killing for the Tupac Murder in Vegas.

Keffe D also provides further details on what happened between Biggie and Tupac when he states that as far back as 1995 after the murder of Suge’s friend by Puffy’s Bodyguard as stated in Part 1, and also following the heat brought on by Tupac’s accusations against Biggie after the Quad Studio shooting on Tupac’s release from Jail, Puffy had reportedly put out a US$1 Million hit on Suge and Deathrow which Crip Gangsters in LA were willing to claim as they were already well established enemies of Suge Knight’s MOB PIRU ‘Blood’ Set.

On the night of the Tupac murder, Keefe alleges that Puffy was in Vegas that night and the weapon that was used to shoot Tupac was provided by Puffy’s New York Drug Dealer associate ‘Zip’ who was attending the Las Vegas Tyson fight as part of Puffy’s entourage that night.

After being beat down by the Deathrow camp, Orlando Anderson approached Keefe D and friends who were having dinner with Puffy and Zip in a restaurant at the MGM. The retaliation was a foregone conclusion but unfortunately Keefe and crew who had just come to Vegas for the fight had not brought any weapons with them.

Thats when Zip offered the use of his gun/s and the offer was duly accepted in Puffy’s presence with the understanding that the retaliation would also serve as the hit Puffy wanted executed.

After Tupac’s shooting, Puffy apparently gave Zip US$500 000.00 as payment for the hit but it never made its way to Keefe D and the Crips in LA.

The Biggie Murder


According to Keefe and Mob James (A Suge Knight Associate) in Part 2, Suge Knight had seen and recognised Keefe D sitting in the passenger seat of the Cadillac that fired the fatal shots at ‘Pac, and within 24 Hours of the shooting.

As a resultĀ  gang war erupted on the streets of LA with at least 7 Crip and Blood fatalities after Tupac’s shooting.

This wasnt enough however as Puffy’s hand in the ‘Pac shooting meant that Suge had been robbed of his most prolific artist.

Thus through a conspiracy executed by Suge, his ex-Girlfriend and ‘Poochie’, Biggie was murdered by Poochie as he left the Soultrain awards so Puffy could also suffer the same business and personal loss as Suge Knight had suffered with the loss of Tupac.

As a result of these revelations, the Poole theory was discredited, the Biggie Estate’s wrongful death Lawsuit resting on it was withdrawn, and further investigation into what happened in the Biggie and Tupac murders was dropped since the LAPD had been cleared of any involvement in Biggie’s murder.

What Happened Between Biggie And Tupac: Connecting The Dots

The Murder Rap Taskforce Investigation connects the dots and helps explain what really happened between Biggie and Tupac by showing how the Tupac and Biggie murders were connected on multiple levels.

It accounts for the motives and interests of all the interested Parties in a manner that provides a logical framework for the murders, taking into account both the personal and business rivalries that collided to produce an explosive cocktail which led to what happened between Biggie and Tupac, the aftershock which continues to affect culture today.


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