Ancient Astronauts

Era Of Gods In Ancient Egypt

Anunnaki Alien Gods Of Egypt?

According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, the Gods of Egypt were Anunnaki Alien Astronauts from the Planet Nibiru. The discovery of the Egyptian Pyramid…

History Of Ancient Anunnaki Meso-America

Anunnaki Alien Gods Of Meso-America

According to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, there were 4 Ancient Civilizations established by the Anunnaki Ancient Astronaut Alien Gods of Mesopotamia, one of which…

Anunnaki Alien War Of Egypt?

Anunnaki Alien War Of Egypt?

The Anunnaki God-Kings of Ancient Egypt Enki, Ptah, Ra, Osiris and Horus creating the Egyptian Civilization after the great deluge or Noah’s Flood

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Review: Ancient Aliens Debunked

The documentary Ancient Aliens Debunked argues that the Ancient Astronaut Theory in the History Channel TV series Ancient Aliens is wrong. The points raised…