Black History

Enslaved African Royals

5 African Royals Taken As Slaves

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was a tragic event that affected all strata of African Society including African Kings who were also captured as Slaves….



History Of COINTELPRO COINTELPRO, stands for “Counter Intelligence Program,” and it was a series of FBI programs between 1956 – 1971 trageted at disrupting…

Apartheid and Jim Crow Compaired

Apartheid & Jim Crow Compared

Apartheid & Jim Crow Compared Following the Afrikaner National Party’s 1948 Election victory, in 1950 it passed the Population Registration Act which marked the…

Black Hair, The Afrocomb & Slavery

“The African’s few personal possessions consisted of ornaments for the hair and the comb. The comb represented an expression of its creator and reflected…

Missing Bronzes Of Benin

The Missing Bronzes Of Benin

One of the tragedies of Colonialism was the looting of African cultural artifacts for private sale by Antique dealers and exhibition in European museums….

The Ancient Epic Of Sundiata Keita

The Epic Of Sundiata Keita

Pre-Colonial Africa was a place of many Epics, and one of the most well known is the Epic Of Sundiata Keita, the Founding Epic…