Was Jesus A Zealot

Was Jesus A Revolutionary Zealot?

In Jesus and The Zealots SG Brandon explores the possibility that the Historic Jesus was a Revolutionary Zealot. Jesus and The Zealots considers whether…

The Singularity

The Singularity Explained

The 5G Network and its impact on Virtual Reality, the Singularity and Transhumanism as shown in the TV series Fringe by Afrika Is Woke Magazine

Why Afrobeats Is Taking Over The World

How Afrobeats Took Over The World

Afrobeats is so popular and important because of its globally palatable sound and aesthetic which represent the Spirit of Modern Africa. Afrobeats popularity is…

Snoop Dogg Career and Legacy Hollywwod Walk of Fame

Snoop: Top Dogg At 50

A few years ago, Snoop was the reluctant Poster child for the archetypal Hollywood ‘Bad Boy’. But through a combination of raw guts, and…