The Doo Wop Story

The Doowop Story
The Doowop Story

The Doo Wop Story: Influencing Harlem’s 1980s Hustlers and Beyond

A strict code ruled the streets of Harlem in the 1980s in an era of burgeoning Black drug empires.

In the midst of this tumultuous era, one name echoed through the alleys and avenues, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s history – Doo Wop. Known for his charismatic personality, strategic prowess, and close affiliation with his murdered friend LA, Doo Wop was a prominent figure in the 1980s New York drug trade.

Born Robert James in Harlem, Doo Wop entered the drug trade during the late 1970s.

Inspired by the kingpins of his time like Nicky Barnes, Doo Wop assembled a close-knit crew of individuals with whom he would carve out his empire. Doo Wop’s unique charm and business acumen quickly made him a rising star in the streets. He built a reputation for being well-connected, street-savvy, and fiercely loyal to those he considered family.

One of Doo Wop’s closest confidants and partners was his friend LA, whose life was tragically ended when he was murdered outside the Rooftop Skating Rink.

LA’s murder deeply affected Doo Wop, but Doo Wop continued to run the streets of New York, inspiring waves of other younger Harlem Hustlers like AZ, Alpo and Rich Porter.

Doo Wop’s Influence on Rich Porter

Rich Porter, a prominent Harlem Hustler during the 1980s, was deeply influenced by Doo Wop.

The enigmatic aura surrounding Doo Wop’s rise to power inspired Porter to follow a similar path.

Rich Porter admired Doo Wop’s ability to navigate the treacherous landscape of the drug trade with finesse, establishing connections and alliances that ensured his success. Doo Wop’s approach to business and his tragic loss of LA became a catalyst for Porter’s own rise in the Harlem drug scene.

AZ: The Disciple

Azie Faison, intially a protégé of Rich Porter, drew significant inspiration from Doo Wop’s legacy and AZ successfully emulated Doo Wop’s methods during his reign in Harlem because AZ recognized the importance of loyalty, strategic alliances, and maintaining a strong reputation as a key to success in the perilous New York drug world.

The Rise and Fall of Alpo

Another Harlem hustler heavily influenced by the legend of Doo Wop was Alpo.

Known for his extravagant lifestyle, Alpo adopted a similar modus operandi, capitalizing on Doo Wop’s approach to building a drug empire.

Alpo’s ambitious nature and desire for power led him to forge his own path, intersecting with the stories of Doo Wop, Porter, and AZ.

However, Alpo’s reign was marred by violence and betrayal, ultimately leading to his downfall.

Legacy and Impact

The stories of Doo Wop, Rich Porter, AZ, and Alpo became legendary New York tales that have resonated worldwide since the 1980s.

Doo Wop left an indelible mark on the streets, immortalized in hip-hop culture and urban folklore and for this reason,  Doo Wop’s influence on subsequent generations of Hustlers cannot be overstated.

The strategies, alliances, and tactics the future young Hustlers adopted from Doo Wop significantly shaped the landscape of Harlem and New York.