The Monomotapa Kingdom

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In entry of Pre-Colonial African History, we explore of the African Kingdom Of Monomotapa.

In the late 1400s, Great Zimbabwe began to decline and some of the city’s elites migrated to establish what became known as the Kingdom of Monomotapa (Mutapa). Emerging under Nyatsimba Mutota, the first King, it would turn out to be a powerful Empire with Trade routes and territory extending to the Indian Ocean.

Missionary Arrival In The Monomotapa Kingdom

Led by Father Gonzalo da Silveira, a Portuguese Jesuit Missionary, the Catholics were the first Missionaries to arrive in Southern Africa, arriving  at Monomotapa Court in 1556.

On his arrival, Father Silveira proved persuasive,  baptising the King and his mother within 25 days.

Muslim Traders at the Mutapa Court did not take kindly to Silveira’s newfound influence and in a bid to stem the rise of Portuguese commercial influence in the Mutapa State, the Traders advised the newly Baptised Mutapa King that Silveira was a spy and baptism was a kind of witchcraft.

African Kingdom of Mutapa Monomatap Missionaries Silveira

The Mutapa King was persuaded by the Muslim Traders and he subsequently executed Silveira.

Although Silveira’s mission ended in disaster, it was a sign of things to come.

Monomotapa Kingdom’s Ancient Astronaut connections?

Researchers  like Michael Tellinger today  confirm the Ancient Alien Anunnaki Hypothesis as put forward in Zechariah Sitchin’s ‘Earth Chronicles’ Book series, and its link to the unexplored and unacknowledged History of Southern Africa.

In particular, the possibility that the Sumerian Anunnaki Gold Mining Operations that were set up in the ‘Abzu’ as it is referred to in the Sumerian Texts such as the Lost Book Of Enki, were in Southern Africa which included the territory of Great Zimbabwe and its successor the Monomotapa Empire.

Great Zimbabwe is also speculated as the Sumerian Site to which Adam and Eve (Adapa and Tiamat in Sumerian Texts) were sent after they were banished for having self-awareness from the Anunnaki Base Station at EDIN (Garden Of Eden) in order that they could initiate the Anunnaki Slave Breeding program for a replacement Gold Mining Slave Labour Force following the Igigi Revolt.

This perhaps explains why Southern Africa still produces most of the World’s Gold with Ancient unexplained Mines being discovered throughout Southern Africa.

More research and evidence on this issue is needed, but the possibilities are interesting although highly speculative.

It is more likely that the Monomotapa Kingdom’s construction of Great Zimbabwe is a legacy of the Egyptian Kemetic Civilization developed in the Nile Valley circa 3 800 BCE.

Decline and Legacy of the Monomotapa Kingdom

The Portuguese invaded the Mutapa Kingdom in the 17th Century and deposed the Mutapa King in 1629. This paved the way for the rise of the Rozvi Kingdom, the successor of the Mutapa Kingdom.

Ultimately, the Mutapa empire represents Africa’s proud heritage, serving as inspiration during Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.

Indeed the name of the country itself, ‘Zimbabwe’  which means ‘House Of Stone’ is a reference to the proud Stone City monument of Great Zimbabwe that still stands to this day.

African Kingom Of Mutapa Monomatapa Empire

The Kingdom’s History is also significant because it tells the story of the first arrival of Christian Missionaries in Africa with Princes from the African Kingdom of Monomotapa being amongst the first to benefit from Missionary Education.

Some went as far as earning Degrees and becoming leaders of the Catholic Clergy in Portugal.

The Kingdom Of Monomotapa