Ancient African Deities Re-Imagined

Sirius Ugo: Ancient African Deities Re-Imagined

In the realm of contemporary Afrofuturist Art, Sirius Ugo stands as a visionary artist who reimagines the visual representation of Ancient African Deities.

Through his masterful creations, Ugo breathes new life into the Neteru of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and the Orisha of the Ifa Oracle, while also shedding light on the equally profound Deities of the Igbo Tradition. 

Afrofuturism: A Bridge Between Past and Future

Afrofuturism is a cultural movement that envisions the future through an Afrocentric lens, drawing on the historical, cultural, and spiritual experiences of people of African descent. It seeks to reclaim and re-imagine narratives, placing African heritage at the forefront of speculative fiction, art, music, and visual representation.

Sirius Ugo, a distinguished artist in the realm of Afrofuturism, is celebrated for his extraordinary ability to merge ancient African spirituality with a forward-looking, futuristic aesthetic. Through his art, he revitalizes the visual representations of ancient African deities, offering a unique and powerful perspective on their enduring relevance.

Kemet, the ancient Egyptian civilization, was a bastion of wisdom, spirituality, and artistry. The Neteru, or deities, played a central role in their belief system. Sirius Ugo’s art breathes new life into these ancient figures, offering a contemporary lens through which we can connect with the profound spiritual wisdom of Kemet.

The Yoruba tradition, centered in what is now Nigeria, reveres the Orisha, powerful deities that govern various aspects of existence. Through his art, Ugo pays homage to these revered beings, offering a visual representation that transcends time and place, inviting viewers to connect with the wisdom and power of the Orisha.

The Igbo people, hailing from what is now southeastern Nigeria, possess a rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs and practices. Sirius Ugo’s art extends beyond the well-known deities of Kemet and the Yoruba tradition, delving into the equally profound and often underrepresented deities of the Igbo tradition.

Through his creations, Ugo sheds light on the ancient origins of Igbo spirituality, offering a visual testament to its enduring significance.

Ugo’s art serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of African spiritual traditions.

By reimagining and representing deities from different regions and cultures, he highlights the underlying unity of African spirituality, emphasizing that, despite diverse expressions, these traditions share a common thread of reverence for the sacred and the divine.


Through his art, Sirius Ugo serves as a catalyst for the revival and celebration of African spiritual traditions. He invites viewers to engage with these ancient belief systems in a way that is relevant and empowering, fostering a sense of pride and connection to the profound wisdom of the past.

Sirius Ugo’s visionary artistry stands as a testament to the enduring power and relevance of ancient African spirituality.

By reimagining the visual representations of deities from Kemet, the Yoruba tradition, and the Igbo tradition, Ugo invites us to connect with a deeper, timeless wisdom.

Through his Afrofuturist lens, he not only illuminates the interconnectedness of these traditions but also empowers a new generation to embrace and celebrate their African heritage.