Great Zimbabwe And The Anunnaki Ancient Astronaut Aliens

The Alternative Ancient History Of Great Zimbabwe

As an African, Great Zimbabwe is close to my heart.

I grew up enamoured by the splendour of Great Zimbabwe taking pride in the fact that it was built by earlier African Ancestors.

The African origin of Great Zimbabwe has been accepted since 1929 following the excavation of the site by Gertrude Caton-Thompson.

Nevertheless, there have been alternative  theories about Great Zimbabwe linking it to the Queen of Sheba, the Phoenicians (Arabs),  Ancient Alien Astronauts known as The Anunnaki.

Whilst I had no doubt that the mainstream view on this issue was probably based on good evidence, I decided to investigate for myself exactly why these alternative theories were raised in the first place.

Were they driven purely by Racism in a bid to deny Africans their rightful heritage and place in History or was there something else behind these findings that do not fit in line with the mainstream perspective?

Raising this question in a sense amounted to questioning the foundations of my own identity and sense of self, and I didnt know how I would feel after reviewing records from the Archaeological excavations, and finding something that did not necessarily agree with the accepted academic position which confirmed the African origin of the site.

So I visited Zimbabwe’s National Archives and reviewed the earliest archaeological findings, academic papers and discussions on the Great Zimbabwe site.

I also considered the implications and arguments made in modern Alternative Theories some of which like the Ancient Astronaut Theory had already been applied to interpreting the Great Zimbabwe site, most notably by Erich Von Daniken and Michael Tellinger.

The following is my own personal view and conclusion on Great Zimbabwe if one considers the available material and ideas up to the present day without bias.

Background Of Research Into The Origins Of Great Zimbabwe

Some background into the history of the research on the origins of Great Zimbabwe shows that there has always been controversy regarding Great Zimbabwe.

Discovered first by Karl Mauch in 1867, he concluded that the Site was linked to the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon’s Mines.

This was followed by Theodore Bent’s ”The Origins Of Great Zimbabwe And The Race That Built Them’ which I managed to read in its entirety.

In 1892 Bent concluded that the Site showed some Arab and Phoenician influences showing similarities with near Eastern Temples, particularly the Conical Tower which was a common feature in Temples of the Near East.

The 1929 excavation carried out by Gertrude Caton-Thompson dismissed the earlier conclusions about the site and determined conclusively that the Great Zimbabwe site was inhabited and built by Africans because evidence of African habitation was present in every layer.

Since then later research has found Chinese, Persian and Syrian artefacts dating back to the 12th and 15th Century.

There has also been a surge in modern alternative theories first proposed by Erich Von Daniken and Michael Tellinger suggesting that Great Zimbabwe is an Ancient Alien site, namely the Lost City of Enki in the Abzu referred to in the Sumerian Texts.

Its even been suggested that the Genetic engineering labs where mankind was created in the Sumerian Records were actually at Great Zimbabwe because that was Enki’s base, the Creator of Mankind.

Despite these alternative theories, it would seem that the question of Great Zimbabwe’s African origins is  already settled, but in my view there are still some unanswered questions about the Great Zimbabwe site.

The two main anomalies relate to the dimensions and purpose of the Great Temple as well as the mysterious Zimbabwe Soapstone Birds.

Both these anomalies suggest Great Zimbabwe’s links to other more Ancient Cultures in Egypt, Mesopotamia and possibly Gobekli Tepe.

The Great Temple

The Alternative Ancient History Of Great Zimbabwe

What is striking about the Great Temple is the use of Phi (3.14) in its construction as well as its astronomical alignment.

For instance, the ratio of Phi was used to proportion the Two towers, the Great Central Enclosure as well as the Outer and Curved Inner walls.

This ratio can be found by measuring the diameter of the Great Tower which is equally proportional to the circumference of the smaller Tower by a Ratio of 3.14.

This ratio provides a ‘key’ for decoding and understanding the construction of the entire site which follows this ratio in constructing the main structures of the site.

In addition, the Towers and the site are oriented to face and observe the Stars in the Northern Constellation.

This is intriguing because it mirrors the same technique based on Phi used in the construction of the Giza Pyramids, and which is responsible for their Architectural precision.

In addition, the deliberate astronomical alignment also follows the pattern of not only Giza but a lot of ancient sites around the world from Mesopotamia, Egypt, South America and the Indus Valley.

The Great Zimbabwe Birds

The Great Zimbabwe Birds are an enigma.

They have been linked to African Culture and mythology, however, they also resemble the Vulture or Bird symbol found in near Eastern Temples and in Egypt.

In addition, a number of similar Birds have been found at the Gobekli Tepe site.

The enigma of the Zimbabwe Birds once again suggests Great Zimbabwe’s link to other ancient Sites and Cultures.

Alternative Origins Of Great Zimbabwe: Ancient Astronaut Savants & Anunnaki Ancient Aliens

In my view, the anomalies at the very least suggest that the inhabitants of Great Zimbabwe may have had outside contact or help in building Great Zimbabwe.

Ancient mythology already suggests that Civilization was born with the help of entities described as ‘The Gods’ with different names in different cultures.

The Gods of Gobekli Tepe, the world’s oldest site are unknown, but in the Sumerian and Mesoamerican Civilizations we have tales of the Anunnaki, Olmecs and Serpent Gods bringing the arts of Civilization to mankind.

These ‘Gods’ would send Savants taught directly by the Gods like Adapa and Titi in Mesopotamia to teach the Human inhabitants.

In Mesoamerica the legend of Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl and the Olmecs also suggest the possibility of Savants bringing knowledge to the inhabitants of an area.

The question would then be who could have possibly been the Teachers of the people of Great Zimbabwe?

The precedent for contact between Africans and Teachers from a more advanced Civilization or Culture may already exist in Mali’s Dogon Tribe who follow the Ancient Egyptian Star Religion brought to them in Ancient Times by Ancient Teachers according to their own oral tradition.

The Alternative Ancient History Of Great Zimbabwe

In the case of Great Zimbabwe, I have no doubt that the Site was occupied by Africans, but it may be possible that the Art of Construction was brought and taught to the inhabitants from elsewhere including Ancient Astronauts.

Perhaps the Nubian Olmecs who are linked to the Egyptian God Thoth and his activities in South America as Viracocha or Quetzalcoatl may have visited the people of Great Zimbabwe and passed on the Egyptian building techniques based on Phi that were used to construct the Great Zimbabwe Temple complex.

An Egyptian influence might also explain the similarities between the Zimbabwe bird and Egyptian Horus symbolism.

Perhaps the Zimbabwe birds were in veneration of the Ancient Astronaut Savants that taught the art of Temple construction built along astronomical alignments to the African inhabitants they already found in the region.

Conclusion: The Ancient Astronaut Conncetion To Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe appears to have been occupied and built by Africans with the help of Ancient Astronaut Savants.

Perhaps these Savants were from Ancient Egypt who had knowledge of Temple construction techniques using the same formula employed in the construction of the Giza Complex which they passed onto the inhabitants of Great Zimbabwe.

Maybe more understanding can be gained by comparing the Dogon Culture with that of Great Zimbabwe because they may both be the product of the same contact with Ancient Savants.

We can even go further and suggest that perhaps there may have been influence and contact with the Savants of the Gobekli Tepe and Mesopotamian Cultures. 

Ultimately, this approach offers a way to reconcile the unexplained archaeological findings without denying the African occupation and origins of the site but taking into account the possible external influences that may have shaped the Temple Culture that emerged at Great Zimbabwe with reference to the construction techniques, temple alignments and Religious symbols like the Zimbabwe Bird.

This is all my own speculation but it may be considered as a possible avenue for exploring the origins of Great Zimbabwe by exploring its links to other Ancient sites in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica.

At the end of the day, my trip to the National Archives was very satisfying and I’ll be visiting them a lot more. I’ve now also added a gallery of the photos I managed to get of some of the excavation findings.


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