Ikenga Chronicles: Xapeville

Ogun Ra's Road To Adwa Ikenga Chronicles Theme Song from the Novel Ikenga Chronicles

Xapeville Enclave, a hub of modern Ikenga political thought, music, and art, will host a mass protest against the Compulsory Sterilization Directive in support of the Maatu Liberation Charter for the first time since the Dorian Occupation.

In light of this shocking new development, the Dorian Senate holds an emergency session.

Eya’s status as one of the SPCE’s Dorian Founders is unknown to Volom and the rest of the Senate.

Volom and Eya connect with the Akropolis from the Central Command Console at Rebeek Station.

“The Zig supply chain cannot risk any interruptions at this time. As a species, our predicament on Mycen is dire. Problems with Zig production could jeopardize the success of the overall Dogon mission and the survival of our Planet.”

Before Volom can conclude, Eya chimes in.

“We need to learn from the mistakes we’ve made dealing with the Nefalim. I believe that our species may have to consider Dogon its permanent home, particularly in light of the unexpected gravity problem we saw in the Repatriation Initiative.

Assimilation with the Ethopans is where our future lies, so we must come to terms with this reality as quickly as possible. The outcome will be the same either way.”

“We will not form any sort of partnership with the scum of the Dogon. There is an absolute need to convey a clear message to the Ethopan insurgents. It doesn’t take much for our perceived weakness to endanger the entire mission.

We must send a large, highly armed force to prevent the protest!”, Volom retorts.

Nzinga travels to Kush to meet with Fanon the night before the demonstration to talk about Osun’s Emerald Tablet and the upcoming Mass protest.

Fanon has a trim build, a dark complexion, and grey hair that is short on top. A lifetime of thought has etched deep lines into his visage, and they show. His speech is deep and resonant, and his eyes are sharp and intelligent.

Despite his old age, Fanon remains formidable and highly respected by all the Ikenga.

He has also established a reputation for Kush as one of the last remaining centres of learning where the Ikenga can still grasp fragments of the ancient teachings since Denderi.

Fanon recognises that Osun must have read the Shabaku Stone on Mycen as he marvels at the Emerald Tablet.

After discussing her plans and fears ahead of the protest, Nzinga returns to Xapeville to lead the mass gathering.

By the time Nzinga arrives, the Ikenga crowd in Xapeville Enclave Square is at a fever pitch, as protestors wave placards and chant increasingly inflammatory songs of defiance.

Nzinga, flanked by Enclave Elders, stands on the improvised Acacia wood platform in the middle of Xapeville Enclave Square and addresses the crowd.

“They’re worried about production on the Zig Mines, but does anyone here find that surprising?”
After the arrival of the Dorians, they took control of most of our ancestors’ land, attempted in vain to eradicate all mention of Ashar from the temples, and now pervert Divine Law by ordering our extinction through a Sterilization Directive.

Who among us hasn’t been affected by the terrible mines’ new quota system for forced labour?”

The Dorian Senate’s Directive from Akropolis reaches Volom at Rebeek.

                            Klotilda-Mycen Dispatch

                                  Xapeville Enclave

                                      Alert Level: ??

                                 Lethal Force Authorised

          *? ? ? ?? ? ? ?  ? ?  ? ?  ? ?/? ?  ? ? ?*

Almost breathless, Nzinga continues.

“Countless of our Sons and Husbands have suffered devastating injuries on the Zig Mines as we are expected to endure the squalor and poisoning of our Spirits from the noxious chemicals in the polluted and overcrowded Enclaves.

Our own people have even begun to violate Divine Law by taking what belongs to others.

Families are now separated as Fathers are forced to work on the Zig Mines to earn Hellenis Tokens so they can pay the new Taxes that have befallen us since the arrival of the Dorians.

Can you believe that we are even required to pay Taxes for the dogs we must keep to safeguard our crops from wild animals?

These things were not known to us before….”


Before Nzinga can finish, Enclave Marshalls dispatched by Volom from Rebeek abruptly arrive and begin breaking up the protest which leads to clashes between the Ikenga and Enclave Marshalls who respond by indiscriminately discharging their Nutrino Blasters into the crowd.

The streets of Xapeville descend into chaos as the sound of Nutrino blaster beam fire echoes through the narrow alleys and cramped housing blocks, while the panicked Ikenga fight back in running stone-throwing battles with Enclave Marshalls along the main causeways of Xapeville.

The bodies of Ikenga men, women and adolescents litter the streets for 3 days afterwards until they are mopped up by Enclave Marshalls.

The night after the protest, Biko and Nkruma meet at the House Of Aushet.

“Our request for a Conference with the Men Of Renown to discuss a negotiated solution to the Compulsory Sterilization Directive has been refused.

Instead, the Dorian Senate will ensure that the Men Of Renown enact a new Emergency Conditions Ordinance introducing strict security protocols and more restrictions on us in the wake of the Xapeville unrest”, a sombre Nkruma informs a reticent Biko.

“Nzinga has also been arrested with the other protestors.

From now on we must co-ordinate with the Ikenga leaders in the other Enclaves.”

A silent Biko nods in agreement with a proud grin on his charcoal face.

The Men of Renown begin to Administer Dogon under the recently published Emergency Situation Ordinance.



                                  Public Gatherings

No Ethopan Public gatherings may be conducted without the Authorisation of the Commanding Enclave Marshal, obtained at least 1 Moon in advance.

Any Ethopan who conducts or participates in a Public Gathering that has not been approved by the Commanding Enclave Marshal shall be guilty of an offence.

                       Ethopans to Carry Identity Documents

Any Ethopan who fails to produce his or her identity document immediately on being required to do so by an Enclave Marshal shall be guilty of an offence.


                            Cordon and Search

An Enclave Marshal may establish a cordon around any Ethopan area if he or she considers it reasonably necessary in the interests of defence.

             Powers of Stopping and Searching

An Enclave Marshal may stop and, without warrant—

  • search any Ethopan, vehicle or vessel entering or leaving Dogon and any Ethopan in or upon such vehicle or vessel;
  • and seize any thing; in circumstances where there are reasonable grounds for believing that the search or seizure is necessary in the interests of public safety, public order or public health or for the prevention, investigation or detection of a criminal offence.

Any Ethopan who fails or refuses to stop when so required in terms of this section or takes any measures to prevent being stopped or searched in terms of this section shall be guilty of an offence.

               Powers Of Indefinite Detention

Any Ethopan deemed to be acting in violation of this Ordinance by an Enclave Marshall may be summarily arrested and detained indefinitely without Trial.

         *? ? ? ?? ? ? ?  ? ?  ? ?  ? ?/? ?  ? ? ?*

After her arrest at Xapeville, Nzinga is tried and convicted for Treason and detained indefinitely as a Political Prisoner on Rabin Island under the Emergency Conditions Ordinance.

Biko and Nkruma leave Kilwa Enclave and venture into Songhay, Kush, Xapeville, Makoko and Isandlwana Enclave for the first time where they meet and agree with Osun, Fanon and Makandal to form a new United Ikenga Mass Movement called the Ikenga National Congress (INC) with its Headquarters at the House Of Aushet.

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