The World War 1 Conspiracy

The World War 1 Conspiracy

The World War 1 Conspiracy refers to the International Conspiracy by the World’s Banking Elite acting through Cecil John Rhodes to re-integrate America into the British Empire.

Origins Of The World War 1 Conspiracy: Cecil John Rhodes Roundtable

The World War 1 Conspiracy claims that the British always sought to re-integrate America into the British Empire even after the American Declaration of Independence.

To this end Cecil John Rhodes formed a Roundtable and established a Secret Society in London in 1891 specifically to formulate a plan to achieve this goal.

Financed by the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, Rhodes first embarked on the British Conquest of South Africa after the discovery of Diamonds in Kimberley and Gold in the Transvaal.

In the aftermath of the Anglo-Boer War in the early 1900s, the Rhodes led Roundtable had unified South Africa and amassed enough wealth to begin to implement its agenda in earnest.

The first step was to use its vast wealth to secure influence in British and American Mass Media as well as Politics.

In the end, the Rhodes Roundtable was able to influence the appointment of key Diplomatic Posts in both England and America.

The crowning achievement was the Election of Woodrow Wilson as President of the United States.

With the Election of Wilson, the stage was set for drawing America into the conflict and the foundations of the World War 1 Conspiracy were firmly set.

The Entry Of America Into World War 1 As Part Of The World War 1 Conspiracy

The entry of America into World War 1 was a key component of the World War 1 Conspiracy.

In America, Public opinion was against involvement in World War 1 which the Americans viewed as a War of the Old European Order from which it had separated itself.

However, key Wall Street Players such as JP Morgan who were behind the World War 1 Conspiracy were eager to profit from financing War.

The sinking of the Lusitania, a ship with American Citizens on board by a German U-Boat in 1915 was the first major ploy of the World War 1 Conspiracy to draw America into the War.

Its highly likely that the sinking of the Lusitania was provoked by the Rothschild and JP Morgan backed British and Americans interests who incited the Germans to attack the Ship by using a Civilian ship to transport a hidden cache of military weapons as means of setting the World War 1 Conspiracy into motion.

To the Germans, the sinking of the Lusitania was a perfectly justifiable Military attack, but they had fallen for the World War 1 Conspiracy trap designed to cause a public outcry in America over the death of Civilians so that the Public would support Wilson’s decision to involve America in the War.

After the German Invasion of France, a concerted Propaganda Campaign dubbed Babies on Bayonets was launched to exaggerate German atrcocities and shift public sentiment across Europe, and particularly in America in support of the War.

The sinking of the Lusitania coupled with the Babies on Bayonets campaign proved sufficient to draw America into the War and advanced the aims of the World War 1 Conspiracy even further.

The Effects of World War 1  Conspiracy

The World War 1 Conspiracy relied on a War of machines and so the leval of Mechanisatio during World War 1 was unlike any other War previously fought in Human History.

The casualties and damage to property was unprecedented, and by the time Germany surrendered in 1918, approximately 18.5 million lives had been lost.

The Treaty of Versailles was drawn up in the aftermath of the War, and its main objective was to destroy German power and the old Europe to pave the way for the creation of the New World Order intended by the World War 1 Conspiracy Masterminds.

The Middle East and other Parts of the World were also partitioned amongst the Western and Eastern World powers like the Soviet Union that had fought as allies during the War.

As a result, the old Monarchical Order of Europe was swept aside as the new Western and Eastern Powers entered the world stage and began to exercise the authority previously exercised  by the old Monarchical Order of Europe on the World Stage.

For instance, in Russia, the Romanov Dynasty was destroyed by the Russian Revolution and in the West, the Hapsburg Monarchy which had exercised authority over Austria-Hungary for Centuries was curtailed.

The division of the World amongst the new New Eastern and Western Powers would in itself ultimately set the stage for the Cold War, but for now, the real objectives of World War 1 Conspiracy had been realised with the establishment of a New World Order in which the Monarchs of Old Europe had now been replaced by Western Powers and the Communist Bloc as the Principal actors on the World Stage.


The World War 1 Conspiracy culimated in the Treaty of Versailles which punished Germany severely for its role as the alleged aggressor of World War 1.

The unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles towards Germany laid the seeds for German discontent, and the outbreak of World War 2 as a resurgent Germany would come to reject the demands for disarmament and punitive reparations imposed by the Treaty.

Viewed in light of the above, the story of World War 1 was really driven by an Elite Conspiracy intent on the creation of new Power Relations and Politics in a New World Order that has since characterised the modern world for more than a Century.

The goal of World War 1 was therefore to to reshape the World according to the World War 1 Conspiracy agenda of the new 20th Century Industrial and Financial Elite who benefited most from the outcome of World War 1 both financially and Politically.


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