When The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Left

One of the most enduring mysteries of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods is if and how they left, and if they will ever return. In The End Of Days, Zechariah Sitchin attempts to provide some answers to the riddle of the departure of the Anunnaki in the final work of the Earth Chronicles Series.

In Sitchin’s view, the key to unlocking the mystery of the departure of the Anunnaki lies in the aftermath of the 2nd Pyramid War in which the City of Babylon under Marduk rose to prominence as the pre-eminent Anunnaki realm.

The rise of Babylon under Marduk meant all future Kings of Babylon were required to venerate Marduk as God/Creator in accordance with the revised Enuma Elish Epic which now placed Marduk at the center of the Sumerian Cosmos.

The apex of Marduk worship was the annual celebration in which Marduk’s statue was carried around the entire City as the Enuma Elish was recited, confirming Marduk’s status as the God worthy of Babylon’s highest honours.

According to Sitchin, the Sumerian Texts reveal that the rise of Babylon and Marduk resulted in the defeated Enlilite Clan’s Gods like the Moon God Sin, abandoning their Temples in Cult Cities like Harran from where Abraham had been dispatched to counter Marduk’s forces to prevent the take-over of the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport during the 2nd Pyramid War.

However, the defeated Enlilite Gods would soon return.

Reasons The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Left: Abandonment Of The Marduk Cult

In time, Babylon shifted from the Marduk Cult to that of rival Anunnaki Moon God, Sin…The events surrounding this change can be traced to the High Priestess of the Anunnaki God Sin at the Enlilite Temple at Harran who allegedly successfully made a pact with Sin, persuading him to help her Son Nabonidus obtain Babylon’s Throne, and in return, he would re-institute the worship of the Moon God Sin in place Of Marduk.

The plot succeeded, and Sin worship replaced the veneration of Marduk throughout Babylon with the annual festival in celebration of Marduk being abandoned.

Sumerian Anunnaki Gods second Pyramid War Rise Of Marduk and Babylon

Marduk and Sin represented opposite sides of the Anunnaki Clans that had fought for supremacy during the 2nd Pyramid War.

Marduk was the Son of Anunnaki Prince EN.KI, and Sin represented the interests of the ENlilites as a descendant of EN.LIL.

Why The Anunnaki Left

The abandonment of the Marduk Cult in favour of Sin under the Babylonian King Nabonidus led to a pact between Marduk and Cyrus the Great, resulting in the conquest of the Babylon by Cyrus the Great in the name of Marduk which ushered in the Persian Empire.

Sumerian records kept by both Nabonidus and Cyrus the Great record their dedication to their respective Anunnaki God, with Nabonidus crediting his Kingship to Sin, and Cyrus The Great crediting his victory over Nabonidus and the conquest of Babylon to Marduk in the famous Cyrus Cylinder.

In his Cylinder, Cyrus expressly denounces Nabonidus for his abandonment of the Cult Of the ‘True God’ Marduk in favour of Sin.

Exit Of The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens

Sitchin suggests that there were actually 2 separate Anunnaki departures from Earth.

The first departure of the Anunnaki mainly by the Enlilites, came immediately after their defeat by Marduk in the 2nd Pyramid War, and a second more comprehensive departure of both the Enlilites and Enkiites occurred after the fall of Babylon.

Following the destruction of the Sinai Spaceport facility in the 2nd Pyramid War, Sitchin suggests that the remaining Spaceport facilities in Meso-America, in particular, NAZCA and Teotihuacan which had been previously utilised during Supreme Ruler Anu’s Earth project inspection visit prior to the Nuclear destruction of the Sumerian Civilization in the 2nd pyramid War, were the ones used by the Anunnaki to depart first for Mars, and then Nibiru following the nuclear catastrophe brought about by the 2nd Pyramid War.

Sitchin suggests that certain structural anomalies like the famous face on Mars can be understood once Mars is viewed as an Anunnaki Base used as a weigh-station to Transport Earth’s Gold to Nibiru via Mars.

The huge Gold caches discovered by the Spanish during their conquest of Meso-America in Sitchin’s estimation, suggest that the area served as a gold Storage area for Gold to be sent to Nibiru via Mars.

Conclusion: Archaeological Perspectives

Its important to note that mainstream Archaeology as well as independent researchers like Graham Hancock in Fingerprints Of The Gods, do not necessarily agree with Sitchin’s interpretation of the purpose of the NAZCA and Teotihuacan sites as places showing evidence of the departure of the Anunnaki from Earth.

Instead, both are credited to Human Civilizations with no Extraterrestrial intervention or intent involved.

Sitchin’s interpretation however manages to weave a thread that explains the connection between these Sites, recorded events in Ancient History and anomalous Space phenomenon like the Face on Mars.

Whether this connection exists as put forward by Sitchin remains a debatable issue, but in the last Book of the Earth Chronicles Sitchin provides us with food for thought in his account of the last days of the Anunnaki on Earth.

The featured article video is an Archaeological interpretation of the NAZCA lines, and our Home Page documentary discusses the various Anunnaki Realms in Mesopotamia, Meso-America, Africa (Nile Valley & S.Africa), and the Indus Valley as contended by Sitchin.

As always, we recommend you take in the material and formulate your own views.