Ancient Egyptian Monotheism

Ancient Egyptian Monotheism

Contrary to popular belief, Ancient Egyptian Religion was Monotheistic and not Polytheistic.

In order to understand why Ancient Egyptian Religion was Monotheistic and not Polytheistic, it is important to consider the meaning of the Ancient Egyptian Tree Of Life and the Neteru Dieties which originated in Ancient Kemet as a product of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery System as recorded in the Metu Neter, The Great Oracle of Tetuti on the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation.

The Monotheistic Meaning Of Ancient Egypt’s Tree Of Life

Ancient Egypt’s Tree Of Life provides proof that Ancient Egypt was Monotheistic and not Ploytheistic.

In short, The  Ancient Egyptian Tree of Life demonstrates that all reality is a Manifestation of the One Supreme Being, and it represents the 9 Emanations that shape all Physical reality from Atoms to Galaxies as well as describing the 11 Spheres which make up the Spiritual Anatomy Of Man.

The following are Manifestations of Physical Reality that are produced by the One Supreme Being using sound vibrations projected into Primordial Matter during the Process of Creation according to the Metu Neter.

I) Omnipresence: Produced when the sound ‘Au” is projected;

ii) Omniscience: Produced when the sound ‘Hu” is projected;

iv) One-ness: Produced when the sound ‘Shri” is projected;

v) Duality: Produced when the sound ‘Hlri” is projected;

vi) The Laws Of Nature: Produced when the sound ‘Hri” is projected;

vii) Harmony: Produced when the sound ‘Kli” is projected;

ix) The Physical Plane: Produced when the sound ‘Va” is projected;

The Process of Creation that results in Conscious Existence and Objects working in Harmony within the Physical plane thus consists of a series of specific Sounds or Vibrations made into the Primordial Energy/Matter or Nun.

Creation progresses with each Vibrration to build the various planes which eventually make up the Manifestation we call Objective Physical Reality and the Subjective Conscious Identities within it represented in the form of a Tree diagram with 10 Nodes known as the Tree of Life.

Since this Creative activity is carried out through the Conscious Will of the One Supreme Being,  it can be said that Ancient Egypt was Monotheistic and not Polytheistic.

The Neteru Deities Of Ancient Kemet

The Neteru Deities that are manifested from the creative Will of the Supreme Being have been the main source of confusion mistaking Ancient Egypt as Polytheistic when it was in-fact Monotheistic.

This can be appreciated when the Physical and Subjective Reality following from the Creative Will of the Supreme Being is understood as representing the following 11 Neter or ‘Gods’ on the Tree Of Life which are in reality a description of the Spiritual Anatomy of Man from the Lower Material to the Higher Divine Spheres.

The Neteru are not Gods but Deities that represent separate aspects of the Supreme Being.

0) Sphere 0: The true unseen essential Divine Nature of Man as Energy which can neither be created nor destroyed represented by Amen the source of all Life and Consciousness; 

i) Sphere 1: The True Divine unconditioned Self of Man in the likeness of the Essential Nature Of Man represented by the Neter Ausar;

iii) Sphere 2: The Source Of Divine Wisdom which Orders the Manifested Universe represented by the Neter Tehuti;

iii) Sphere 3: The Source Of the Life Force (Ra) represented by the Neter Seker;

v) Sphere 5: The Enforcer of the Laws of Divine Truth and Justice or Karma in the Universe represented by the Neter Herukhuti;

vi) Sphere 6: The Manifestation Of The Individual Will in the Universe represented by the Neter Heru;

vii) Sphere 7: The Manifestation Of The Individual Imagination in the Universe represented by the Neter Het Heru;

viii) Sphere 8: The Manifestation Of Individual Emotions in the Universe represented by the Neter Sebek;

x) Sphere 10: The Manifestation Of The Earth in the Universe as the Locus Of Man’s Consciousness represented by the Neter Geb.

Thus in its original form, the meaning of the Medu Neter Of Ancient Kemet suggests that the Egyptians were Monotheistic believing in One Supreme Being who manifested in different forms which means everything Is actually the Creator in an alternative aspect.

The Neteru are not Gods that act consciously but can be understood better as Mathematical Formulas or Universal Principles.

Therefore, the Neteru Deities of the Ancient Africans of Kemet in Egypt were not Gods but principles of nature misunderstood by Egyptologists starting with the Ancient Greeks working with a Western frame of reference.

It was the Greeks and later Egyptologists who misinterpreted the original symbolic representations of the NeTCHeRu as the term Gods and in doing so, they misunderstood Ancient Egypt’s Religion as Polytheistic when it was actually Monotheistic.

The Ancient Africans of Kemet in Egypt in reality believed in one unnamed and unknowable Ntchr (Supreme Being) who could best be understood through metaphor as depicted on the Tree of Life.

The original Religion of Ancient Egypt was a Monotheistic Metaphoric Religion and not a Polytheistic one whose purpose was to direct the Human Will represented by the Neter Heru to follow Divine Law or Maat.

In this Monotheistic Egyptian Religion, Human existence and the outcomes in one’s Life are determined purely by whether one directs their Will towards the aspects of the Higher Self or those of the Lower Self as represented by the various Neter and the qualities they embody. 

Man’s spiritual quest is therefore to strive upwards towards the Divine Spheres (Spheres 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0) on the Tree of Life.

Its interesting to note that Sphere 3, 2 and 1 are the same shape as the Pyramids and they reflect the meaning behind the design of the Pyramids when a Pharaoh is buried in a pyramid and his mummy is placed at the bottom.

The bottom of the Pyramid represents Spheres 3 and 2 and his spirit rises upwards to Sphere 1 at the top of the pyramid in order that the Pharoah may return to the original Divine essence of Man by reuniting his Consciousness with the One Supreme Being, the First Cause of all things manifested according to Ancient Egypt’s Monotheistic Religion.


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