Biggie & Tupac: What Really Happened (Part 1)?

Notorious B.I.G. Who Shot Ya Biggie and Tupac Murder investigation
Background feud between Puffy and Suge, Biggie and Tupac over Quad Studio before the East/West Coast War

The unanswered questions on what really happened between Biggie and Tupac present a laybrinth of drama, tragedy and intrigue. As a result, many theories have been proposed in order to explain and understand what happened between Tupac and Biggie which ultimately led to both their untimely demise.

The Backdrop To What Happened Between Tupac & Biggie: Politics As Usual

The most revelaing revelations that can help us answer what happened between Tupac and Biggie are out of a Special Los Angeles Police Department Task Force called ‘Murder Rap’ which was put together in order to solve the Biggie and Tupac murders in a bid to show that corrupt Los Angeles Police Officers were not involved in Biggie’s murder in the face of a $400 million wrongful death Lawsuit filed by Biggie’s Estate.

The following is the result of the ‘Murder Rap’ Investigation that can help explain what happened between Tupac and Biggie.

Genesis: Coastal Wars, CEO beef & The Tupac Quad Studio Shooting

The first shot in the Biggie and Tupac feud was fired in 1995 when Deathrow C.E.O.’s Suge Knight’s Bodygaurd and childhood friend ‘Big Jake’ Robles was shot and killed outside a nightclub by Puff Daddy’s Bodyguard, Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones.

According to the Murder Rap Taskforce Report, Suge Knight blamed Puffy for the shooting, and this feud between the CEOs of Deathrow and Badboy Records would play a key role in what would later happen between Tupac and Biggie.

In 1994 Tupac was shot 5 times in an Elevator at Quad Studios on his way to a recording session at the same time Biggie and Junior Mafia were also in the same studio building working on music.

Tupac blamed Biggie for setting him up, a claim which Biggie emphatically denied.

Biggie & Puffy On Quad Studio Shooting

The fact that Biggie was not involved in setting Tupac up at Quad Studios has since been confirmed by a number of people including Tupac’s close friends like Treach of Naught by Nature fame.

Thrown into the mix to ignite the flames of what would happen between Tupac and Biggie was the Hip Hop Culture War between the East and West Coast over the origins and ownership of Hip Hop which culminated in an open East Coast/West Coast feud at the 1995 Source Awards.

Suge Knight openly dissed Puffy and Badboy Records onstage as he accepted a Deathrow Award, mocking Puffy for his constant appearances on Badboy Artist’s albums and music videos.

The East/West Culture War would also feed into the Biggie and Tupac feud following Tupac’s release from Jail as a Deathrow Artist.

After he was shot at Quad Studios, Tupac was convicted and imprisoned on Sexual assault charges but Suge Knight would help broker a deal which raised Tupac’s US$1 Million Bail, enabling Tupac’s release pending Appeal in exchange for a 3 Album deal with Deathrow.

In this classic MTV Interview with Tabitha Soren shortly after his release, Tupac reveals the roots of what would later happen between himself and Biggie as Tupac maintains that he was set up by Biggie in the Quad Studio shooting.

‘Pac would soon release his classic Double Album ‘All Eyez On Me’ followed by the vicious diss track ‘Hit Em Up’ all of which fed into the personal and professional rivalry between the C.E.O.s of Badboy and Deathrow Records, the East/West Culture War as well as Tupac’s personal score with Biggie arising out of the 1994 Quad Studio shooting.

Conclusion: Tupac & Biggie Feud Stage Is Set

After Tupac’s release from Prison as a Deathrow Artist, the stage was set for an explosive conflict as the separate interests involved merged into a toxic cocktail that would eventually lead first to Tupac’s murder, followed by Biggie’s barely six months after..

Join us for Part 2 as we look at the Tupac murder revealing the evidence and conclusion of the Murder Rap Taskforce on the identity of Tupac’s Killer as the mystery of what really happened between Tupac and Biggie unravels.