Did James Earl Ray Kill Martin Luther King?

Did James Earl Ray Kill Martin Luther King?

The Martin Luther King Assassination seems to have been resolved with the arrest and conviction of James Earl Ray. However, continued investigation into the murder by the King Family has shown that James Earl Ray did not kill Martin Luther King.

It seems as if the FBI’s COINTELPRO Program also allegedly active in the assassination of Malcolm X, and the suppression of the Black Panther Party might have been involved in the King Assassination.¬†

In Truth At Last: The Assassination Of Dr Martin Luther King, James Corbertt implies that after 1963, the FBI’s COINTELPRO Program had been plotting on a means to assassinate King, and that although in March 1969 James Earl Ray Pleaded Guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 99 years in prison, the story of Marting Luther King’s assassination is much more complicated.

In the first instance, although witnesses allegedly saw Ray fleeing out of a building which lay across the street from the motel where King was shot, and that a bag at the scene containing a rifle as well as binoculars with his fingerprints was discovered shortly after the shooting, it wasn’t sensible that Ray was the Assassin because that would’ve meant he fired the shot from the bathroom window in the building across King’s, then afterwards escaped from the bath, then put the rifle in its box, ran to his room to collect his belongings, go down the stairs, and also drop the bag with the incriminating evidence exactly where it was discovered by the Police before walking to his waiting car and speeding away.

Such a plan required flawless split second timing, just moments before Police arrived at the scene, and does not seem humanly possible let alone likely.

Casting further doubts on the James Earl Ray Theory is fact that the Remington 760 Gamemaster Rifle allegedly used to shoot King has been discredited as the murder weapon.

In particular, Judge Joe Brown who for a while presided over James Earl Ray’s final Appeal against conviction for the King Murder has expressed the view that the Remington 760 Gamemaster which is kept¬† in the Civil Rights Museum is not the murder weapon since the bullet which Killed Martin Luther King doesn’t match that gun.

It also remains a mystery why Police Security which was usually provided to King on past visits was withdrawn without any explanation the day right before the assassination.

Additionally, anecdotal evidence suggests that even after the shooting Dr King was still alive as he was driven to hospital.

It is only in the emergency room that Hospital Staff who had managed to keep him alive were instructed by a Doctor and two unknown men in suits to stop treating King used a pillow to suffocate Dr King.

This according to James Corbertt is the real manner in which Dr King died.

Ultimately, the Corbertt Report investigation offers an interesting alternative look into the King assassination which claims that James Earl Ray did not kill Martin Luther King and hints once more at the FBI’s COINTELPRO involvment.

Did James Earl Ray Kill Martin Luther King?


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