The Role Of Cecil Rhodes In The Colonisation Of Africa

What Is Cecil Rhodes Known For?

What Is Cecil Rhodes Known For?

Cecil Rhodes is best known for his role in the Colonisation of Africa, particularly in Southern Africa. 

Rhodes was also known for being a leading figure in the establishment of the Diamond Company De Beers, and he also helped to found the British South Africa Company.

Rhodes’ legacy is controversial, as some people view him as a colonialist who exploited Africa’s resources, while others see him as a visionary who helped to develop Southern Africa.

Cecil Rhodes: A Brief Overview

Cecil Rhodes was born in 1853 in England. He came from a wealthy family and was educated at Oxford University. After graduation, he moved to South Africa to work for his father’s company. It was there that he made his fortune in the diamond and gold mining industries.

Rhodes was a strong believer in British Imperialism and used his wealth to further its cause. 

Rhodes was known for being a major advocate of British imperialism, and his dream was to see the entire world united under the British flag. To this end, Rhodes is known for helping to finance the Boer War (1899-1902), which resulted in the annexation of Transvaal and Orange Free State by the British Empire.

Rhodes is also known for the key role he played in the Colonization of Zimbabwe which was named Rhodesia after Rhodes himself. 

Cecil Rhodes is also known for his his involvement in apartheid.

Rhodes’ believed that the white race was superior to all other races and supported segregation and discrimination against black people in South Africa. This eventually led to the system of apartheid, which enforced strict racial segregation throughout South Africa.

Rhodes died in 1902, but his legacy continues to be controversial.

To Africans Cecil John Rhodes will always be known for the role he played in the Colonisation and Unfair treatment of Africans as a racist who helped perpetuate discrimination and inequality in South Africa.

However, to some Cecil John Rhodes is known for being a visionary who helped build the British Empire.