Were The Anunnaki A Reptilian Race?

Were The Anunnaki A Reptilian Race?

According to the Reptilian Agenda Conspiracy proposed by David Icke, the Anunnaki were a Reptilian Alien Race.

According to David Icke’s Reptilian Agenda Conspiracy, the Anunnaki are a race of Reptilian Aliens who first arrived on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. After the arrival of the Anunnaki Reptilians on Earth, David Icke contends that these Anunnaki Reptilians merged with humans through the manipulation of DNA and by interbreeding with the human population for the purpose of gaining control of the world by obtaining positions of power and influence as Royal Families,  Politicians, Business Titans and popular entertainers.

Ancient Origins Of The Anunnaki Reptilian Theory

Ancient Serpent symbolism from various Ancient cultures has been used in support of the Anunnaki Reptilian Theory.

Proponents of the Anunnaki Reptilian Conspiracy Theory have used the Serpent symbolism from Ancient Cultures in which snakes have been used to represent many things like Consciousness, Will, a duality of good and evil as well as the creative Life Force to suggest that the Snake symbolism in Ancient Cultures is evidence of the presence of an Ancient Anunnaki Reptilian Alien Race on Earth.

In addition, the mystery of the Ubaid Lizard figurines of pre-historic Ancient Mesopotamia spanning from 6500 BCE to 3800 BCE which depict strange lizard-like humanoid figures have been used to support the Anunnaki Reptilian Race Conspiracy Theory even though there is some evidence to suggest that the Ubaid Lizard Figurines represent Human Skulls bound in infancy to deliberately modify the shape of the Skull rather than being proof of the existence an Anunnaki Reptilian Alien Race.

Moreover, whilst it can be said that the Ancient Sumerian Texts and other artifact from various Ancient cultures do indeed describe some anthropomorphic Gods who were half or fully Serpentine in some cases,  these Ancient Texts do not describe humanoids that are fully Reptilian.

The Chitauri Reptilian Aliens

Despite the absence of evidence for the theory that the Anunnaki were a Reptilian Race, ancient accounts of an Alien Reptilian Race called The Chitauri who arrived in Africa in Pre-Historic times to mine Gold exist.

In particular, South African Healer & Spiritualist Dr Credo Mutwa in an interview with David Icke revealed the existence of a species of Reptilian Aliens called the Chitauri Reptilian Aliens who like the Anunnaki bred Humans and taught mankind some of the arts of Civilization like language in Ancient Africa.

The activities of the Chitauri Reptilian Aliens resemble very closely those of the Anunnaki in Sitchin’s Ancient Astronaut Theory and it has been suggested that the Chitauri Reptilian Aliens may possibly provide some basis for concluding that the Anunnaki were a Reptilian Race.

However, it is important to note that Zechariah Sitchin’s Ancient Astronaut Theory itself never described the Anunnaki as a Reptilian Race.


Although there is little to no evidence in Ancient Texts, Artifacts and Zechariah Sitchin’s own Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis to suggest that the Anunnaki were a Reptilian Race, the unresolved mystery of the Ubaid Lizardmen coupled with accounts of Reptilian Aliens such as Dr Credo Mutwa’s Chitauri Reptilian Aliens whose activities mirror those of the Anunnaki as detailed in Sitchin’s Ancient Astronaut Theory suggests that whilst it is unlikely that the Anunnaki were a Reptilian Race, there is some basis for exploring the question further and that the possibility that the Anunnaki were a Reptilian Alien Race cannot be completely excluded.



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