5 Memorable UFO Encounters

5 Memorable UFO Encounters

The UFO Phenomenon has a long History that possibly dates back to Ancient Times.

The word UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object which was a term first coined in the 1950s, and has since been replaced with the more modern term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena which came into use in 2019 when the US Navy used it to describe unidentified flying objects seen in clips of declassified Military Footage.

Below is a list of some memorable UFO sightings that were recorded in History.

Ancient Egypt

On of the most Ancient written accounts of a UFO sighting can be found in an Egyptian papyrus which is part of the annals of Thutmose III.

The Papyrus records that in the year 22 of the Third Month of Winter, a circle of fire that was coming in the sky was observed. It had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor, its body one rod long and one rod wide and it had no voice.

After some days had passed these things became more numerous in the skies, and they shone in the sky with more brightness than the Sun.

The Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace on the hearth, and what happened was ordered by the Pharaoh to be written in the annals of the house of life so that it be remembered forever.

Nuremberg Germany

Perhaps one of the most famous written UFO accounts occurred in 1561 in Nuremberg Germany.

Its reported that at dawn, hundreds of crosses, globes and tubes fought each other above the city.

The entire episode lasted about an hour until the globes and the small and large rods flew into the sun and several of the other objects crashed to earth, vanishing in a thick cloud of smoke.

According to the Nuremberg gazette, the incident filled the morning sky with cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red ,orange and blue-white spheres that darted about between the spheres.

There were also crosses with the color of blood.

The spectacle was witnessed by countless townspeople and it was suggested that the event had Religious significance. 


On  February 22nd, 1803 local fishermen in the Hitachi Province saw an ominous ship drifting in the waters.

Upon investigation, they found a beautiful young woman whom they described as having red and white hair, and dressed in strange clothes.

The fishermen claimed she held a square box that no one was allowed to touch, and spoke to them in a language they had never heard before.

Some UFO believers think this story is a credible document of a close encounter of the third kind whilst Historians consider it Japanese folklore.

The United States




In the final analysis, the UFO Phenomenon is intriguing and may date as far back as the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods as well as the Vimana Epics of Ancient India all of which detail encounters between Humans and ETs possessing extraordinary aerial vehicles which can be classified either as UFOs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

If the UFO Phenomenon is real, then it would suggest that contact between Humans and ETs began with the creation of Civilization itself, and is a continous project that attracts regular ET visits perhaps for monitoring our progress.

It may also turn out that there’s nothing to the UFO phenomenon, but the incidents recorded over the course of History suggest that perhaps the truth may be out there.