10 Technologies Copied From UFOs 

10 Technologies Copied From UFOs 

10 UFO inspired technologies

The 1947 Roswell UFO crash unleashed a wave of speculation regarding UFO activity and Alien Contact with Earth, and its been suggested that advanced Alien technology used in UFOs like the one that allegedly crashed at Roswell has been studied, copied and then introduced.

At the moment there’s no certainty to this claim, but the veil of secrecy surrounding Military bases like the infamous Area 51 coupled with witness statements from people claiming to be former US Government employees with Top Security Clearances involved in UFO research and weapons development has only fueled speculation even further.

Whatever the truth may be, here is a list of 10 UFO inspired Technologies we might just owe to a distant Alien Civilization somewhere far out there:

1.The Transistor Radio;

2. Computer Mouse;

3. Remote Control;

4. Laser Technology;

5. Titanium;

6. Fiber Optics;

7. Microchip;

8. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones);

9. Communication Satellites;

10. Night Vision.

Whilst conventional explanations exist for the discovery of these technologies, its nevertheless been suggested that the appearance of these revolutionary technologies after 1947 cannot be attributed to human enginuity alone.

Meanwhile efforts to lift the veil of secrecy around UFOs have led to the Cosmic Disclosure Movement which has since obtained De-Classified US Government Records which appear to confirm UFO sightings and official investigations into the phenomenon.

More information and records are also available in Richard Dolan’s Books: ‘UFOs and the National Security State’ and ‘UFOs For The 21st Century Mind’ which make use of the academic approaches adopted in the study of History and Science for a sober modern treatment of the UFO question.