Tupac Amaru Shakur: Last Inca Chief

The Last Inca Chief Túpac Amaru is the man that legendary Rapper and Hip Hop Icon Tupac Shakur is named after

Túpac Amaru II was the last Inca Chief and the man that legendary Rapper and Hip Hop Icon Tupac Shakur is named after.

Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur who was a Member of the Black Panther Movement together with Tupac’s Stepfather Mutulu Shakur named Tupac Shakur after Inca Chief Tupac Amaru II whose name means ‘Shining Serpent’ because of the Inca Chief’s Revolutionary Spirit.

The Life Of The Last Inca Chief Tupac Amaru.

The legendary Inca Chief Tupac Amaru from whom Rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur got his name rose to the Throne of the Inca Empire after the Spanish conquest of Peru in the 1530s.

After the Spanish conquest, the Inca established a new State deep in the Amazon Jungle at Vilcabamba.

The Inca State at Vilcambaa accepted Spanish Authority until the last Inca Chief Tupac Amaru succeeded to the Throne in 1571 following the death of his brother.

In 1572, Tupac Amaru was at War with Spanish after the Inca had rejected Spanish Authority by killing 2 Spanish Ambassadors on the border of Inca territory.

The Spanish soon declared War and eventually conquered Tupac Amaru’s Capital at Vilcabamba on 24 June 1572, an event which marked the end of the Inca State.

Tupac Amaru had already fled Vilcabamba by the time the Spanish entered Vilcabamba, and a Spanish Manhunt soon followed which led to Tupac Amaru’s capture in September 1572 as he was warming himself around a campfire with his pregnant wife.

Following his capture, Tupac Amaru was then publicly executed by the Spanish in the main square of the newly established Spanish City of Cuzco.

Tupac Amaru was hanged in the presence of more than 10 000 Inca Witnesses who had filled up the main square to lament the death of their Lord.

Tupac Amaru is said to have been so brave and sombre at his hanging that he silenced the wailing crowd by raising his hand and uttered his last words “witness how my enemies shed my blood”.

After his death Tupac Amaru’s legacy and Revolutionary spirit continues to inspire people from his Native Peru and around the world.

The world also has to thank the last Inca Chief Tupac Amaru for the legendary Hip Hop Icon Tupac Amaru Shakur who was named after Tupac Amaru II, the Last Inca Chief because the name Tupac Amaru represented the Revolutionary spirit of the late great Inca Chief Tupac Amaru II who was a leader against the Spanish conquest of the Inca.