The Rise Of Amapiano Music

The Rise Of Afrobeats & Amapiano In Global Pop Culture

Amapiano Music was invented and has its origins in South Africa’s Kwaito music which emerged in Post-Apartheid Africa to reflect the new post-independence attitude of the youth in South Africa’s Black Townships.

The original sound of Kwaito has evolved into Amapiano music by incorporating elements from global music such as Deep House and European Electro.

Durban and Pretoria were the main Provinces of South Africa instrumental in the invention of the contemporary Amapiano sound by adding their own sonic signature in terms of Rhythm and Synthesizer innovations to Kwaito music and in the process, they have created a new blend of Electronic music that is distinctly African but also global in character which we now call Amapiano music today.

Amapiano’s Influence On Global Popular Culture

Despite the global appeal of Amapiano music, Amapiano Artists have maintained a distinctly African aesthetic especially in their music videos and performances.

From the comments and responses on music videos on YouTube it is clear that the world has fallen in love with the spirit of Africa that is embodied in Amapiano with dance moves that have enthralled global audiences as Amapiano music has inspired people across the world to suddenly realize that they can inhabit and move their bodies in ways they never thought possible before.

Today Amapiano music seems unstoppable, and Amapiano and Afrobeats Artists are effectively Africa’s de facto Amabassadors to the World navigating the forefront of a new Global Cultural renaissance.

Check out the Amapiano Live Mixes by Major League DJs, DBN Gogo and TxC bringing the house down in London.

Its crazy how the Londoners are doing the South African Township dances.