The Pablo Escobar Suicide Theory

The Pablo Escobar Suicide Theory

According to Pablo Escobar’s Son Juan Sebastian Marroquin, Pablo Escobar died by committing Suicide.

The Rise & Fall Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was born in 1949 in Medellín, the second largest City in Colombia.

Pablo Escobar began selling drugs for the Medellín Cartel in the 1970s where Pablo Escobar conducted operations in a very entrepreneurial spirit and his operation grew.

With Escobar’s success came the attention of the Colombian Government, and Pablo Escobar resolved the issue by adopting a “silver or lead” policy: Law Enforcement Agents and Politicians could choose between a bribe (silver) or gunfire (lead).

Pablo Escobar’s escalating violence eventually resulted in opposition from the Colombian Government, his competition the Carli Cartel and Los Pepes a social movement of people affected by Pablo Escobar’s violence and seeking revenge.

Together with the assistance of US Government’s DEA and CIA, 0n December 2, 1993, Pablo Escobar was found in Medellin after a long search and he eventually died via a gunshot injury to the head on a Medellín rooftop while attempting to escape undetected from his hideout.

This marked the end of the search for Pablo Escobar that had started with his Escape from La Catedral Prison, which had been a luxury Prison specifically built for him.

Did Pablo Escobar Commit Suicide?

The Pablo Escobar Suicide theory is based on the fact that it has not been established who fired the fatal shot that killed Pablo Escobar on that rooftop in Medellin.

However, Pablo Escobar’s Son Juan Sebastian Marroquin claims that Pablo Escobar committed suicide to avoid being arrested.

In several interviews Escobar’s son has confirmed that he is absolutely sure that Pablo Escobar committed suicide since the fatal shot that killed Pablo Escobar had been a wound to the side of the head.

Escobar’s son says that his father had taught him how to kill himself this way many times before when they were hiding out and being chased by either Enemies or Authorities.

The reason Pablo Escobar had taught his Son to commit suicide this way was that it was gauranteed to work so as to avoid the gruesome torture that would result from being captured by enemies like the Cali Cartel.

To Pablo Escobar’s son, the gunshot wound to the head confirms that Pablo Escobar committed suicide to avoid capture and the torture that would follow especially from groups like Los Pepes that wanted to exact personal revenge for deaths of family members who had been killed on Pablo Escobar’s orders.


Ultimately, we will never know whether Pablo Escobar was killed by his intended Captors or whether he committed suicide, however, the fact that the fatal shot was a wound to the head suggests that it may be possible that Pablo committed suicide because this was his chosen means of escape to avoid capture.

It also seems unlikely that the rooftop shots directed at Pablo Escobar from a distance would have landed precisely on the side of Escobar’s head instead of the more exposed parts of his body where he was hit several times.

For these reasons, it remains possible that Pablo Escobar may have committed suicide as his son Juan Sebastian Marroquin firmly believes.