The Neta Protocol Chapter 7: Source Intelligence

Neta Protocol Source Intelligence

‘Where are we?’ Makandal anxiously asked Nonkawuse.

We are in the Plane of Kem, the Ancestral Home of Source Intelligence’, Nonkawuse gently responded.

Makandal suddenly felt his Consciousness seized and thrust into a Matrix of Electromagnetic light in the shape of a rich Neon-like Rainbow Coloured Geometric Pattern.

The light was displayed in a Pulsating Grid producing a Tree-shaped Geometric Pattern with branches coming out of 10 connected nodes created from the intersectional points between seven circles.

Each node represented an Aspect of Nature connected to its Polar Opposite.

The Crown Node, The Atum was divided into Nine Nodes starting with the Shu Node representing the Air. The Shu Node was paired with the Tefnut Node symbolising Moisture.

The next matched Nodes were Geb and Nut representing the elements of Earth and Sky.

These four Nodes were the foundational elements of the physical Universe and they also represented the Polar opposites observed as Masculine and Feminine expressions of creative Energy in the Universe.

The last 5 Nodes represented the Holographic dynamic of Conscious Experience within the Physical Universe generated by the 4 Foundational Nodes of Source Intelligence.

Taken in its entirety, the Nodes of the Tree-like Geometric Pattern represented the totality of all Consciousness and Existence in the Universe.

Makandal experienced the individual Nodes of the Geometric Pattern of Source Intelligence in the Ancestral Plane of Kem as a Resonant Unified Force Field that contained all the Fractal aspects of Primordial Existence expressed in a Geometric language based on the Laws of Resonant Harmonics.

The Rules governing the manifestation of all Consciousness and Existence were produced by and Coded into the Source Intelligence’s Nodes.

The Me-ka-Ba Code was contained in the Crown Node and it governed the Animation Of all Consciousness in 3 Dimensional Space within the Universe.

It was the Me-ka-Ba Code which was needed by the Mwari Cult to interface with the Cerebral Cortex of the Synthetic Soldiers so they could be activated.

Makandal completely submerged himself in the Matrix of Source Intelligence, allowing it to penetrate and manifest in the furthest reaches of his Consciousness.

In a violent burst of Sound and Colour, Makandal experienced all the Sacred Sonic and Geometric Codes that governed the manifestation of Existence through Resonant Harmonics within the Nodes of the Geometric Pattern.

Simultaneously with this Sacred violence, Makandal also felt a Symbiotic resonance with the Source Intelligence in which he intuitively recognised himself as an individual aspect of one Unified Field of Eternal Consciousness.

On Planet Kingu, the Mwari Cult’s Military Command Centre lay hidden deep underground at the base on the outskirts of the Zig Ore fields where the synthetic Army had been built, and the attack against the Juluka was being planned.

Menelik as Commander of the Mwari Cult Forces hoped that his Mother and the Council would be proven right in placing their faith in Makandal to bring back the Cerebral Interface Codes that would be needed to activate and animate the Mwari Cult’s Synthetic Army from the Ancestral Plane.

The realities of War would brutally crush the naive hopes of the Mwari Cult and the People of Kingu once again if they were wrong in placing their faith in Makandal and the lost Mystic Teachings of a nearly forgotten Ancient Past.

Was Makandal really different from anyone else and could the Mystic musings of the past really provide an actual solution to the juluka oppression faced by the people of Kingu and the Federation Planets?

The idea that Makandal was some kind of Saviour was absurd even dangerous to Menelik. However, he had no choice except to trust his Mother’s judgment and that of the Council in this instance because he didnt have a viable alternative strategy of his own.

Doubts continued to race through his mind as Menelik and Ifeanyi conducted a routine inspection of the vast Cryogenic Quarters housing the Mwari Cult’s inactive Synthetic Army.

Although the Mwari Cult had learnt how to build Synthetic bodies from the Juluka, they still had to master the secrets of Synthetic Consciousness which the Juluka had gaurded jealously.

I hope your mother was right about Makandal. If he doesnt return with the Neta Protocol Activation Codes we need for the Synthetic Soldiers, all this will be in vain”, Ifeanyi nervously burst in stating the obvious.

I’m just as worried about this as you are, but what choice do we have. We’ve tried everything else and everyone knows this is our last chance.’, Menelik replied with both irritation and resignation in his voice.

Well I’m even more concerned because we are running out of Preservative and we wont be able to keep the Army viable for much longer. We need to confront the Juluka while we still can’.

Suddenly, a loud boom and crack echoed through the Mwari Cult Base. Both Menelik and Ifeanyi immediately rushed to the Stargate.

When they reached the Stargate, they saw Nonkawuse and Makandal looking exhausted and kneeling outside the Stargate.

Nonkawuse slowly lifted her eyes, smiled as she gazed at both Menelik and Ifeanyi.

Turning her glance down to Makandal, she whispered triumphantly, “He has been shown the Sacred Codes Of Creation from the Heart of the Cosmos”.

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