The Most Famous Fantasy Authors & Their Magical Worlds

The Most Famous Fantasy Authors & Their Magical Worlds

Books in the fantasy genre help us travel to places that only exist in the author’s mind and live adventures among magical beings and creatures that, if they were in our daily lives, would cause us great fear.

If you are a fan of this genre and like to escape from this reality and visit other fantasy worlds, we have a proposal for you. Take the lembas bread, practice your spells, and arm yourself with the courage to face dragons and trolls. Nellie Burges, a blogger and an essay writer free online, prepared a list of several authors of this theme to fill hours and hours of reading while you are transported to other universes without leaving your armchair.

  1. What is the fantasy genre?
  2. Classic authors
  3. Current authors

What is the fantasy genre?

Before we begin to list the authors of this genre, what better than to make it clear what we are referring to with this theme? One of the definitions of fantasy that we find is “higher degree of imagination; imagination insofar as it invents or produces.”

This term gives us the first of the keys to understanding the fantasy genre: imagination. In the works of this theme, the author invents a world very different from what we see in our daily lives. Something that seems simple but can undoubtedly be difficult. Think of these universes as a blank page where the writer is drawing stroke by stroke (letter by letter in this case) an environment he has been creating in his mind.

Unlike the science fiction genre, which we already talked about at the time, here, the elements that break with reality and the imagined world do not have to have a scientific basis or be possible at some point. A good example is the presence of magic in the pages of a work of this theme or mythological creatures such as dragons or trolls.

The mission of every author of this genre is to be able to transport the reader to this universe that he has imagined and offer him a guide to understand this world that was previously only in his head. And below, we propose a list of several authors who succeeded.

Classical authors


Greek mythology is a good example of fantastic literature. Thanks to these writings, we have seen the appearance of many of the elements present in the collective imagination of this genre. Minotaurs, centaurs, hydras, and harpies… are some examples. We highlight the legacy of Homer because, in it, we find one of the most famous works on this theme: The Odyssey.

With Ulysses as the protagonist, readers have the opportunity to live an epic that begins at the end of the Trojan War and tells the adventures of this character in his attempt to return home after provoking the wrath of Poseidon. A journey to the Underworld, a fateful encounter with a sorceress. This may be a good time if you have yet to discover The Odyssey.

H.P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft’s work shows us a different perspective of the fantasy genre. In this case, we move away from those works where the epic has the leading role and move to a terrain where terror is the protagonist. A terror that has its basis in a world imagined by the author, a universe with an apparent reference: Cthulhu.

Around this deity, Lovecraft created much of his legacy. Cthulhu is a creature as old as time, giving rise to a mythology based on parallel universes and dimensions with elements capable of shaking the bravest. In short, an example of how fantasy can be one of the great allies of the horror genre.

J. R. Tolkien

We are talking about one of the most popular authors in fantasy literature. How? By creating a culture around all the creatures that populate this world: languages, customs, and an intrahistory that occupies millennia. Numerous details of which, he gives an account of the various novels he wrote.

The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Silmallirion are examples of how a fantasy universe can be built over many pages.

Current authors

To this list of classic authors, we must add another who has been able to pick up their baton, imagining worlds that invite us to escape from our reality:

J.K. Rowling

The British author envisioned a world where magic is a reality, to such an extent that a school trains children to become great wizards. We are talking about Harry Potter, the saga of the most famous wizard in recent times and with a universe with its history, creatures as particular as the thestrals or the carbonate, not to mention the number of spells invented by Rowling that has given rise to one of the most famous sagas in literature.

George R.R. Martin

The author of science fiction and epic fantasy novels, precisely the latter subgenre, is the one that has brought the American writer the most fame. Song of Ice and Fire was born as a literary saga where dragons, undead, and many other elements came together in Westeros, an imaginary world where a civil war breaks out, and different nobles and their corresponding houses struggle to reach the iron throne.

Betrayals, unexpected twists, and a great struggle give life to this literary saga that has been popularized by its adaptation to the small screen with the HBO series entitled Game of Thrones (the name of the first book of these books that still do not have an ending).