The Maserati Rick Story

The Maserati Rick Story

The story of Maserati Rick unveils the life of one of Detroit’s most famous drug dealers and underworld figures.

During the 1980s, Maserati Rick captivated the public’s imagination with his extravagant lifestyle, flashy cars, and involvement in Detroit’s drug trade.

The Life Story Of Maserati Rick

Richard Carter was born in Detroit, growing up in a neighbourhood marked by poverty and crime. 

As Carter entered his teenage years, he was drawn into the world of drug dealing. He began with small-time operations, but his ambition and entrepreneurial spirit led him to align himself with prominent players in Detroit’s drug scene.

The arrest and conviction of established dealers created an opportunity for Carter and his best friend, Demetrius Holloway, to rise through the ranks and establish themselves as key players in the city’s drug trade.

Maserati Rick quickly ascended the ranks of Detroit’s drug underworld, ultimately controlling one of the most prominent networks on the city’s east side. Carter and Holloway worked alongside other organizations, such as Johnny Curry’s gang and the remnants of the Y.B.I. gang, solidifying their power and influence. Strategic alliances, including one with “White Boy” Rick Wershe, and a move into heroin distribution allowed Maserati Rick’s empire to flourish.

Maserati Rick’s success in the drug trade was accompanied by a flamboyant lifestyle marked by luxury cars, extravagant parties, and ostentatious displays of wealth. His opulent choices, including living in multiple residences and investing in local businesses, exemplified his desire to project an image of power and success. However, his conspicuous lifestyle drew the attention of law enforcement agencies, leading to increased scrutiny and the ultimate downfall of his empire.

As Maserati Rick’s empire expanded, so did his list of enemies. One of his most bitter rivalries was with Edward Hanserd, a former associate turned foe. Intense conflicts and shootouts between the two rivals garnered media attention and threatened public safety. Despite multiple attempts on Hanserd’s life, Maserati Rick failed to eliminate his adversary, a mistake that would prove fatal.

In September 1988, a heated confrontation between Maserati Rick and Hanserd resulted in a shooting that left Rick hospitalized. Two days later, a man associated with Hanserd entered the hospital and fatally shot Maserati Rick.

The murder of Maserati Rick sent shockwaves through Detroit, and Ricky Parker, an associate of Hanserd, became the prime suspect.

Maserati Rick’s grand funeral, complete with a silver coffin resembling a Mercedes-Benz, highlighted the mythos surrounding his life and death.


Maserati Rick’s story reflects a tumultuous period in Detroit’s history.

The crack epidemic of the 1980s ravaged Detroit and the Maserati Rick story paints a vivid picture of the rise and fall of a high-level drug dealer in Detroit during the 1980s showing how the Crack Epidemic was widespread throughout America from the streets of New York to the streets of Detroit.