The Manosphere, Hypergamy & Toxic Feminism

The Manosphere, Hypergamy & Toxic Feminism

Female Hypergamy and the Toxic Feminism it has produced is a subject constantly discussed in the Manosphere.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the Manosphere’s idea of Female Hypergamy and its accompanying Toxic Feminism are the main reasons the Manosphere thrives today.

Female Hypergamy In The Manosphere

In the Manosphere, Female Hypergamy has been essentially reduced to the idea that women have no loyalty to a Man because due to biological reasons that can be traced to human evolution, women will go for the best option available to them for their provisioning, security as well as sexual desire regardless of the length of relationship or a Man’s commitment to a relationship with them.

According to this understanding of Hypergamy in the Manosphere most popularised by Rollo Tomassi in The Rational Male, this type of Female Hypergamy is considered female nature and that women cannot act in any other way except to be selfish and self-interested at all times.

The Manosphere has used this version of Female Hypergamy to explain the rise of the Toxic Feminism which shows itself in a variety of Toxic Feminist behaviors such as  rising female Narcissm and entitlement.

In these circumstances, the Manosphere has emerged as a counterblast to Female Hypergamy and Toxic Feminism, educating the modern Man about the consequences and reality of Female Hypergamy.

The Manosphere essentially warns Men that if they don’t pay attention to Female Hypergamy and the Toxic Feminism it has produced, then Men are not living in reality and this may cost them dearly both emotionally and financially in the future in the form asset losses through divorce and a disruption of their Psychological well being.

The fear of Female Hypergamy and its Toxic Feminism therefore explains the growth of the Manosphere as an avenue for Male education against the rising tide of Toxic Feminism.

The Real Female Hypergamy

The Manosphere’s understanding of Female Hypergamy may be incorrect because the concept of Female Hypergamy can be understood in a different way that does not necessarily support Toxic Feminism as the Manosphere would suggest.

According to this alternative concept of Female Hypergamy that does not support Toxic Feminism, the real basis for Female Hypergamy’s relates to the Feminine Energy Principle’s inherent motivation to avoid being static in life.

This stagnation is in relation to the totality of a Woman’s being in areas such as material, emotional and Spiritual progress.

Viewed from this perspective, Female Hypergamy is not inherently linked to Toxic Feminism but exists for Women to achieve Harmony in Life as expressions of the Feminine Principle in much the same way that Men need to achieve success in certain areas of their Lives to achieve Harmony as expressions of the Masculine Principle as the Manosphere continuously states.


It may be that the Manosphere’s response to Toxic Feminism should not be interpreted as a legitimate criticism of Female Nature because Toxic Feminism and Femininity itself are not the same thing.

Toxic Feminist traits such as the rise in Female Narcissism do genuinely exist and the Manosphere’s existence as a space for addressing Toxic Feminism can be understood.

However, the Toxic Feminism that is the subject of the Manosphere should not taken as a substitution for Femininity itself as an expression of the Feminine Principle.

The Toxic Feminism of the Manosphere and Femininity itself should thus be distinguished.

The danger of losing the distinction in the raging Manosphere debates is that the Toxic Feminism of the Manosphere will eventually become the dominant notion for understanding Femininity and the Feminine Principle itself.

Perhaps if the Manosphere’s discussion of Hypergamy and Toxic Feminism stop being treated as criticisms of Female Nature we may have a de-escalation of the gender wars because Women and their nature per se are not the problem men need to be aware of, rather it is Women expressing a distorted version of the Feminine principle that are the problem.

Check out the 2 videos below explaining the different understandings of Female Hypergamy.