The Future Of Sex In The Metaverse

Future Of Sex In The Metaverse

The future of Sex in the Metaverse is an interesting emergent phenomenon.

Even though the Metaverse itself is difficult to define,  in short, the Mateverse represents a progression of the Internet into a place where the Internet becomes a Virtual space where people can interact using Avatars for work, education and recreation.

The Metaverse loosely speaking is therefore an online space where people can socialize, work and play using Digital Identities made possible by advancements in 3 Dimensional Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

In essence, in the Metaverse people will be able to live virtual parallel lives in virtual environments that may overlap with the physical world.

As with all new technologies, the Sex Indusrty is expected to play a major part in the growth of Metaverse Technology.

However, the Social and Psychological effects of Virtual sex in the Metaverse on Society in the future is rarely, if ever, discussed. 

The Future Of  Sex In The Metaverse

According to Prof. Sam Vaknin, with the arrival of the Metaverse, the future of Sex is already here unfolding and raising serious questions.

Virtual Sex in the Metaverse in the future is expected to become the new normal no later than 10 years from now.

As a result of Virtual Sex in the Metaverse, Carbon-based organic sex between Humans will soon be a thing of the past as holographic pornography, sex bots, artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality Sex Apps using Augmented Reality will  probably provide a more pleasurable experience for people, thereby out-competing organic Human carbon-based Sex.

In addition, Prof. Sam Vaknin points out that future Sex in the Metaverse will not necessarily be dictated by current pre-defined Gender roles, thereby upending the Social fabric Humans have organised Society around for at least 10 millennia based on Gender and Sex.

As such, the effects of future Virtual Metaverse sex will challenge the world more fundamentally than when Feminism challenged the Social Order organised around Patriarchy.

For these reasons, Metaverse Sex in the future will affect Gender dynamics and Human Identity in a permanent way that may result in a Genetic variation leaving its imprint on our Species as it evolves further into the future.

Taking into account the documented negative Psychological effects of Pornography in the era of Internet Porn, our Civilization may be unprepared for the wider reaching effects of future Virtual Metaverse sex whose impact is likely to last beyond a single generation.

The evolution of Sex into the Metaverse in the future can also be viewed as a natural progression in the evolution of Erotica as a Medium and an aspect of Human Culture since the days Erotica was inscribed as graffiti in the Ancient world until it reached the Internet

Ultimately, the nature and impact of Virtual Sex in the Metaverse in the future will be a reflection of Human desire in its most unfiltered form yet.