The Donald LA Jones Story

The Donald LA Jones Story
The Donald LA Jones Story

In the heart of Harlem, once upon a time Lennox Avenue was controlled by a charismatic young man named Donald LA Jones.

The moniker “LA” represented Donald’s dominance over Harlem’s illustrious Lennox Avenue street where LA was known for his connections other notable Harlem Hustlers like Doo Wop, Rich Porter and Asie Faison.

LA’s untimely death would also pave the way for the rise of another famous Harlem Hustler from the 80s, Alpo Martinez

The Reign of LA: Lennox Avenue’s Kingpin

Lennox Avenue, a central thoroughfare in Harlem, played a significant role in the community’s cultural fabric. Donald LA Jones’s control over this street symbolized his power and influence during his reign. The name “LA” became synonymous with Lennox Avenue, representing his authority over the territory.

LA’s Link to Rich Porter

Donald LA Jones’s path crossed with that of Rich Porter, an influential figure in Harlem’s drug scene during the 1980s. LA recognized Porter’s potential and took him under his wing, becoming his mentor. LA’s guidance helped shape Porter’s understanding of the streets, teaching him crucial lessons about loyalty, street smarts, and the intricacies of the drug trade.

Under LA’s tutelage, Porter honed his skills, eventually establishing himself as a formidable force within Harlem’s criminal underworld. The influence of LA’s mentorship on Porter was evident in his rise as a prominent drug dealer and his strategic maneuvering within the neighborhood.

LA’s Impact on Asie Faison

Asie Faison, another key figure in Harlem’s drug trade, was also influenced by Donald LA Jones. LA recognized Faison’s potential and offered him guidance and mentorship, sharing his insights and experiences. LA’s teachings provided Faison with a foundation in street smarts and business acumen, setting him on a path towards success within the drug world.

Faison’s association with LA shaped his entrepreneurial mindset and approach to the drug trade. He drew inspiration from LA’s strategies, leveraging his mentor’s wisdom to navigate the challenges of the streets and establish his own enterprise.

The Tragic Demise of LA and Alpo’s Emergence

The story took a tragic turn when Donald LA Jones was shot and killed after a night out at the rooftop skating rink. His untimely death sent shockwaves through Harlem, leaving a void in the power structure of the neighbourhood.

This void created an opportunity for Albert “Alpo” Martinez to rise to prominence when he was invited by Asie Faison and Rich Porter to take LA’s position on Lennox Avenue

Following LA’s death, Alpo gained control over the Lennox Avenue territory, stepping into the power vacuum left by LA.


The story of Donald LA Jones, the darling of Lennox Avenue, reveals the complex web of influence, mentorship, and tragedy that defined Harlem’s drug world during the 1980s. LA’s control over Lennox Avenue drew Rich Porter into his orbit, leading to a mentorship that shaped Porter’s rise within the drug trade. LA’s guidance also left an indelible mark on Asie Faison, influencing his strategies and success in the same realm.

However, the tragic death of Donald LA Jones created a power vacuum that propelled Albert “Alpo” Martinez into the spotlight. With the Lennox Avenue territory under Alpo’s control, Porter and Faison joined forces with Alpo in the aftermath of LA’s death.

The partnership formed between Alpo, Rich Porter, and Asie Faison reflected the ever-evolving alliances and rivalries that defined Harlem’s 80s drug scene. This new chapter marked a significant turning point in the narrative, with Alpo assuming control over the Lennox Avenue territory and reshaping the power dynamics of Harlem.