The Black Knight Satellite

Black Knight Satellite And Ancient Astronaut Theory

The so-called Black Knight Satellite is often cited as evidence of the Ancient Astronaut Theory with some suggesting that the Black Knight Satellite is an Ancient Astronaut Satellite that has been orbiting the Earth and observing Earth for 13 000 years.

Reports of the Black Knight Satellite can be traced back at least 100 years, starting in 1899 with Nikola Tesla detecting a repeating radio signal that he believed originated from Mars all the way up to 1998 when the Space Shuttle Endeavour took photographs of an unusual object which have been used as the primary photographic evidence in support of the Black Knight Satellite hypothesis.

However, in reality, none of the reports since 1899 to the photographs taken in 1998 support the idea that the Black Knight Satellite is evidence of an Extra-Terrestrial object in Space.

Tesla himself in 1923 wrote a letter in which he concluded that in his view the signals he had detected originated from Mars and not a Satellite orbiting the Earth.

Furthermore, today Astrophysicists believe that what Tesla picked up were likely pulsars, a neutron star that produces electromagnetic radiation.

In 1954 newspapers also carried stories citing reports that the U.S. Air Force had reported that two satellites orbiting earth had been detected but neither the US nor the Soviet Union had the ability to place an object into Space orbit at the time.

In February 1960, TIME Magazine also reported that the U.S. Navy had detected a Soviet spy satellite in orbit. However, a later article confirmed that the object was not a Soviet Spy Satellite but the debris of Air Force Discoverer VIII.

Scottish author Duncan Lunan also contributed to the Black Knight Satellite controversy when he analyzed long delayed radio echoes, and concluded that their source may be a 13,000 year old Extra-Terrestrial Probe orbiting around the Earth’s Moon which may have originated from a planet located in the solar system of star Epsilon Boötis.

However, Lunan subsequently admitted that the theory was not based on Scientific evidence and retracted his assertions.

Nevertheless, the object shown in the 1998 photograph does exist but it is actually Space debris from a Thermal blanket that was lost during a  Spacewalk by Astronauts during the construction of the International Space Station.

So despite the numerous reports and theories, the Black Knight object is not an Alien Artifact that has been orbiting the Earth for 13 000 years.

Most importantly, the Black Knight Satellite has no connection whatsoever to the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

The Black Knight Satellite & Ancient Astronaut Theory

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