Ausar: The First Christ

The Ausarian Religion Of Ancient Kemet

The Ausarian (Osirian) Religion of Ancient Kemet later called Egypt was the first system of Spiritual Initiation in History developed in Nile Valley Egyptian Kemetic Spirituality based on a Resurrection Myth and can be considered the origin of the first Christ story.

The Ausarian Spiritual Initiation of the first Christ was taught through the Ausarian Resurrection Myth which in Ancient Kemet started with the symbol of the Egyptian Deity Ausar (Osiris) who was a representation of Man in a state of full Spiritual God Consciousness.

Spiritual Initiation in the Osirian Christ is a process by which Mankind realises his God Potential through Meditation or Remembrance of the True Self.

Meditation or Remembering is therefore the vehicle for Spiritual awakening of the Ausarian Christ and it is represented by the Ancient Egyptian Deity Auset whom the Greeks later called Isis.

Thus the Ausarian first Christ Religion of Ancient Kemet is to be interpreted as a Methaphoren story for Spiritual Initiation (Awakening) in which the journey to Mankind’s self-actualisation as a Divine Being is symbolised in the story of the first Christ Ausar (Osiris).

The First Christ Resurrection Myth Of Osiris

According to the first Christ Ausarian Religion myth, the Supreme Being manifested itself in the world as the King Deity Ausar, who introduced Civilization and governed Mankind in accordance with Just Divine Law or Ma’at which would also form the basis of the Torah’s 10 Commandments.

However, Ausar’s younger brother Set became envious of Ausar’s achievements and murdered Ausar in order to usurp the Throne of Ancient Kemet.

After Set murdered Ausar, he usurped the Throne, and cut Ausar’s body into 14 pieces and spread them across the land of Kemet.

In this way, the Ausarian Religion’s first Christ story explains how through the process of division or separation from our True Self, Mankind has lost his identity and Consciousness as a Divine Being.

The Ausarian Christ myth goes further to explain how through Ausar’s Resurrection by his Wife Auset or Isis, Ausar (Osiris) regains his Throne.

According to the Ausarian Religion first Christ myth, the Resurrection of Ausar by his wife Auset occurs when Isis gathers all of Ausar’s dis-membered body parts and conceives Ausar’s Child, Heru (Horus) through an immaculate conception.

In telling how Ausar regains the Throne, the Ausarian Religion provides the first Resurrection Myth which functions as the first Christ Metaphoren explanation for how Mankind may regain or remember his God Consciousness by reconstituting his separated Self through Spiritual initiation via Meditation (Auset).

In the Ausarian Christ story, Auset is able to conceive the child Heru with Ausar after Auset extracts Ausar’s essence from his dismembered body parts and Auset utters a specific Mantra given to her by Tehuti (Thoth) to enable her to conceive.

Following this miraculous birth Heru as Ausar’s legitimate Heir grows up and later on with the assistance of Tehuti, He eventually challenges Set for the Throne of Ancient Kemet as Ausar’s legitimate Heir and successor.

The Ausarian first Christ myth goes on to relate how after a vicious battle, Heru defeats the usurper Uncle Set and succeeds in reclaiming the Throne of Ancient Kemet.

Thereafter Heru rules the land of the living in Ancient Kemet according to Maat whilst his Father Ausar now rules the afterlife.


At its core, the Ausarian Religion Resurrection is the first Christ myth that also functioned as a system of Spiritual Initiation teaching that:

  1. i) The journey of life is a struggle to reclaim or remember Mankind’s original Divine Nature through the struggle of Heru overcoming Set as a metaphor for the battle between good and evil in each person’s Soul;
  2. ii) The proper governance of Society and the happiness of individual people in a Civilization depends on the implementation of Just Laws or Maat by the Rulers;

iii) The Ausarian Religion first Christ story also teaches that ultimately the realisation of God Consciousness by each person is the highest objective of life.

Fundamentally, the Osirian Christ myth suggests that once we accept that Man is made in the likeness of God, then we realise that we also share in the same Divine qualities of the Supreme Being such as Omnipresence,  Omniscience and Omnipotence only to a lesser degree;

  1. iv) Last but not least, the Ausarian Christ resurrection teaches that the road to awakening to our Divine Nature or Knowledge of Self is through a process of Spiritual Initiation that requires us to remember who we truly are  through Meditation.

Ultimately, the stability and endurance of the Egyptian Civilization which started in the Nile Valley has been credited to the first Christ Ausarian Religion Resurrection myth because the Osirian Christ mythology fostered Spiritual values that encouraged adherence to Divine Law (Justice) or Maat from both Rulers (The State) and Individuals.

As such, the Ausarian first Christ Religion is the first Resurrection Myth in Human History demonstrating how a stable and self-regulating Spiritual Society can be created.

The Ausarian Religion is also evidence of Africa’s Contribution to Civilization in the realm of Religion before the Colonisation of Africa.

The monuments of Africa’s forgotten History in Antiquity from the Egyptian Civilization today stand as a Testament to the power of Ancient Kemet’s Ausarian first Christ myth which is contained in Texts like Ancient Egypt’s Metu Neter Oracle and The Egyptian Book Of The Dead.