The Ancient Land Of Ethiopia

The Ancient African Land Of Ethiopia

The term “Ethiopian” was first used by Acient Greek writers to describe dark-skinned Africans, and in the minds of the Ancient Greeks, Ancient Ethiopia was the land occupied by Black Skinned Africans located in the entire area between the Nile Delta all the way into the Eastern Sudan.

Thus the Ethiopian Civilization of antiquity encountered and described by the Ancient Greeks belonged to what the Ancient Ethiopian Africans themselves called the Land of Chem or Kemet which formed the Northern Province of Ancient Ethiopia whilst the region of Nubia formed the Southern Province of Ancient Ethiopia.


The Ancient African Land Of Ethiopia

Archaeologist have also found the oldest known human ancestors in Ethiopia (Africa) like Australopithecus Anamensis dating back 4.2 million years old.  

The Ethiopian Civilization according to Dr Chancellor Williams in The Destruction of Black Civilization can be traced back to at least 3000 BC.

As stated above, initially the Ancient African Ethiopian Civilization referred to by Greek Writers consisted of a Northern Province in Egypt known to the Ancient African Ethiopians as the Land of Chem whilst Nubia formed the Southern part of Ancient Ethiopia.

Gradually however, the Northern Province of Chem which was closest to Asia and the Meditterenean was eventually lost whereafter the Ancient African Land Of Ethiopia excluded the previously held Northern domain of Egypt.

Once control of the Northern Province of Chem was lost, the Ancient African Land of Ethiopia consisted only of what was previously the Southern Province in the Nubian Kushite lands.

In the Greek worldview, the Ancient African Land of Ethiopia was the entire African Continent even though the Black Africans that the Greeks encountered belonged specifically to the Nile Valley Culture Civilization.

Once the Northern domain of Chem was lost however, the Ancient African Land of Ethiopia was limited to the Southern Nubian region of Sudan only.  

Ancient References To The Ancient African Land Of Ethiopia

Ancient Greek Writers like Herodotus had lofty praises for the Ancient Africans of Ethiopia describing the Ethiopians as the highest, most beautiful and most favoured by the Gods. 

The Bible’s Old Testament also makes reference to the Ancient African Land of Ethiopia when the Queen of Sheba traveled to Jerusalem and gave birth to Menelik I, the child of King Solomon. 

In addition,  Ancient Ethiopia also has the honour of being one of the earliest Christian countries in the world after Christianity was adopted as the official Religion of Ethiopia during the Rule of Emperor Ezana in the year 320 CE.

Ultimately, the Ethiopia of today is a diminished version of the Ancient African Land of Ethiopia described by Ancient Greek Writers which was located across the entire stretch of land covering Egypt as its Northern Province all the way down to Nubia in the South.

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