Tarot Symbols Explained

Tarot Symbols Explained

The Tarot is actually a deck of cards originating in 15th Century Europe, particlarly in Italy as well as France.

In the 18th Century Tarot cards started to be utilized in divination, partially because the Cards themselves in their original form had been developed to evoke spiritual and emotional meanings amidst Players in Medieval Europe that were acquainted with the Religious along with other Cultural Themes symbolised within specific cards.

Tarot uses a great deal of symbols plus Medeival Religious iconography often with numerous meanings to illustrate certain elements of life.

Below is a summary of Tarot Symbols as well as their meaning:

The Angel

An angel represents important or divine messengers. Angels in Tarot are  seen as messengers of important communications.


The Horse in Tarot means power, action, and effectiveness.


Lightning typically implies divine intervention, and in many instances refers to inspiration from the divine.

The Center

The center is actually a signal of love, and represents good health.


In Tarot these represent intelligence or understanding, and keys may also suggest we’re ignorant of something important escaping our interest or attention.


The Bird in Tarot indicates lofty ideas coupled with problems of the spirit. 


Armor presents strength or brilliance.


In Tarot Cats usually represent recognition.


Transformation is the main significance of the Butterfly symbol.

The Egyptian Ankh 

The Ankh symbolizes life which might or might not be eternal as well as stability.


In Tarot clouds symbolize revelation usually in the form of sudden and unanticipated inspiration. 


These usually mean the promise of a brand new start, and optimism.

No matter the interest of the contemporary occult along with the New Age, there is no real evidence that Tarot cards originated earlier than the Middle Ages or that they have their origins in Ancient Pagan Occult practices dating back to Egypt.

Nevertheless, with the passage of time, Tarot cards have become increasingly associated with the Occult and this mystical association has meant people’s interest in them has remained over the years.

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