Sexting: Submissive & Dominant Roles Explained By IsabellatheGoddess from Arousr

Submissive vs. Dominant Roles

The dynamics of power exchange in relationships have been a topic of fascination for centuries, and with the rise of technology, sexting has become a popular way to explore these roles.

Sexting is a modern way of exploring the power dynamics between two people playing dominant and submissive roles. 

IsabellatheGoddess from Arousr talks about submissive and dominant roles when it comes to sexting.

What is a Submissive Role in a Relationship? 

IsabellatheGoddess says that a submissive role involves someone taking orders from another person. As she explains, “In a submissive role, one person takes on the role of ‘the boss’ while the other takes on the role of ‘the subordinate’. The person in charge gives orders and expects them to be followed without question or hesitation. It can involve scenarios where there are punishments for disobedience, but it doesn’t have to. It all depends on how you want to set up your scene.” 

What is a Dominant Role? 

When asked about what being a dominant entails, IsabellatheGoddess explains that it involves taking control over another person and making sure they obey your commands. She goes on to explain that “being dominant also means being aware of your partner’s wants and needs and making sure that their pleasure is taken into consideration as much as yours is.” She adds that “it can be both physically and emotionally demanding, but it can also be incredibly rewarding if done correctly.” 

How Can Sexting Help Explore These Roles? 

When it comes to exploring these roles through sexting, IsabellatheGoddess suggests starting off slow by discussing boundaries beforehand so both parties know exactly what they are getting into. From there, experimentation can begin. She notes that sexting provides an opportunity for partners to explore their fantasies without having any physical contact until they decide they are ready for more intimate interactions.  


Exploring submissive and dominant roles can be both thrilling and exhilarating when done with clear communication and mutual respect between partners.

Sexting provides a means for couples who want to experiment with dominant and submissive roles in order to create new experiences together without any physical contact until they feel comfortable enough to do so. 

Check out the video from IsabellatheGoddess from Arousr on sexting.