Space-X Dragon Launch:Video

Space X Dragon Launch Importance

Space-X has successfully launched 2 NASA Astronauts to the International Space Station marking America’s return to manned Space flight on a US Spacecraft since 2011.

This launch not only vindicates Space-X and CEO Elon Musk’s visionary leadership style, it represents the realisation of the possibility of commercial Space flight where Space Exploration is no longer the preserve of State institutions alone.

Private Corporations have now become recognised actors, and it also seems like we are on our way to becoming an Inter-Planetary Species which is Space-X’s stated mission. 

Boeing which has been NASA’s established Space Program Partner since the earliest days of the Space Program was beat out by Space-X’s Dragon capsule after its own Starliner capsule failed a flight test when it lost its way to the International Space Station in December last year.

Boeing had received 5 Billion dollars as part of a joint NASA funding program in which Space X received 3 Billion dollars for the same task of building a manned Space Capsule.

The success of the Dragon Launch also makes Space Tourism and more Government exploration of Space possible as Private Seats for Space flights will now be sold by Space X and other Space exploration Companies that have been waiting to enter the market.

All in all, the Dragon launch is important in a number of different ways which will transform Space Travel and may turn out to be the first significant step in our journey to Mars.

Originally posted 2020-06-06 13:07:10.