Snoop: Top Dogg At 50

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A few years ago, Snoop was the reluctant Poster child for the archetypal Hollywood ‘Bad Boy’. But through a combination of raw guts, and a charming personality, in a career spanning decades, Snoop has kept the world spinning to the sounds of the D.O.G.G.Y. solidifying his place as a Pop Culture icon in the process.

Recently, Hollywood acknowledged Snoop’s iconic status by awarding him a star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame, an Honour reserved for Culture’s most revered icons.

Early Career

From his earliest days as part of the 213 Collective, a triple threat made up future Hip Hop icons Nate Dogg and Warren G, Snoop came to Dre’s attention when Warren G played a 213 tape recording to Dr Dre who was immediately impressed by Snoop’s style and mic presence. Dre immediately arranged a recording session, and initially Snoop didnt believe it was Dre on the other end of the line when he got the call from Dr Dre.

Warren G had to convince him that it really was Dr Dre on the phone for Snoop to take the call seriously and not as a prank.

At the time, Dre was already established and respected through his work at Ruthless Records with NWA …But a feud was brewing between Dre and Eazy-E, the CEO of Ruthless Records.

Eventually Dre would leave Ruthless, and his work with Snoop would prove to be the zenith of his career, firmly setting the path for him to gain the iconic status that has enabled him to execute deals with Apple today.

After monumental guest spots on Dr Dre’s The Chronic, Snoop’s own much anticipated Doggytstyle debut album dropped to critical and commercial acclaim…In addition to its unapologetic use of poetic licence, it was undeniably creative and set the tone for the next decade, and its influence continues today.

Doggystyle brought Snoop both fortune and misfortune. Despite the album’s massive success, its outlandish use of poetic licence to reflect the mentality of a Black Teenager from Long Beach, California, was viewed as a glorification of gang violence and misogyny. Although Snoop faced a Murder Charge, he kept working lending his lyrics to the Murder Was The Case soundtrack, a mini-movie based on Snoop’s pending Murder case. The album remains a classic, and produced ’21 Jump Street’, my favourite Snoop track after Doggystyle’s ‘Doggy, Dogg World’.

Through the efforts of Death Row Attorney Dave Kenner, who was also responsible for getting Tupac released on Bail after he signed with Death Row Records in prison, Snoop was eventually acquitted of Murder but Death Row, the label he’d help build with Dr Dre began disintegrating around him, first with Dre’s departure, followed by Tupac’s murder and eventually the imprisonment of Death Row C.E.O., Suge Knight.

It didnt help that Snoop was also trying to raise a family at the time, so after his 7 year contract with Death Row expired, he signed with Master’P’s Southern Imprint, No Limit Records.

Snoop’s No Limit era provided him with the stability and Artistic space he needed to evolve as an Artist, and the gradual improvement in each of his No Limit releases culminating with Tha Last Meal set Snoop on the path for the collaborations with Pharrel, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake that have made him a Culture Icon today.

Snoop’s Legacy

Since his No Limit days, Snoop’s footprint in Pop Culture has expanded and he’s no longer the ‘Bad Boy’ he once was during the Doggystyle years…Instead, he’s recognised as a dedicated Father and creative force. His star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame is well deserved, and it was great to see him enjoy the moment with his Family. Interestingly, Snoop credits Tupac with helping him keep his Family together during his Death Row days by encouraging him to stay with his Wife when they were a young struggling couple.

Snoop hasn’t gone all soft though, and in this clip he comments on the current status of Rap.

Snoop has overcome many hurdles to become the transcendent inspiring force he is in Culture today and in true fashion Snoop showed he has a talent for the ages with the release of the Sci-Fi influenced Video for the single Big Subwoofer on his 50th Birthday.




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