The Singularity Explained

The Singularity
The 5G Network and its impact on Virtual Reality, the Singularity and Transhumanism as shown in the TV series Fringe by Afrika Is Woke Magazine

The ‘Singularity Hypothesis’ credited to Ray Kurzweil, proposes that the exponential advancement in technology we are presently experiencing will eventually lead to the invention of artificial super-intelligence which will in turn abruptly trigger even faster runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

As a result, unless humans can process information at the same rate as the technology of the time, we will be left behind to dwell as second class Citizens in a world where the technology we developed and once-controlled is now independent of our will.

A technology-driven Apocalypse which Kurzweil dubs The Singularity.

In The Singularity, unless we can process information as fast as the machines, we will be left behind.

Under these conditions, our only option will be to upgrade our Consciousness and capabilities using technology.

This will lead to an intermediary Transhumanist phase in which Man will begin the transition to Machine. It will be characterised by the increased integration of technology into our bodies eg Computer chips.

Post-Humanism: Lessons From Classic TV Show Fringe

A Posthuman era will eventually dawn in which our Consciousness will only exist as part of a Computer Network. We will essentially have to upload our minds into a Super Mind Network where Mankind will continue to exist purely as information.

Its important to note that not everyone agrees with Kurzweil’s notion of The Singularity, but it is certainly worth debating and considering, particularly because underlying the hypothesis is the idea that our minds can essentially be reduced to a Digital imprint.

This Digital information can then be projected into a Computer Network like all other Digital information.

Indeed the issue goes right to the question of the nature of Consciousness itself.

For a picture of what a Posthuman world may look like, the classic Sci-Fi TV Series ‘Fringe’ does an excellent job. ‘Fringe’ is a gem that poses significant questions and explores the nature of a Posthuman world.

In ‘Fringe’ JJ Abrams appears to conclude that our human qualities such as Love are too unique to ever be extinguished or reduced to Computer code.

Therefore, the human spirit will ultimately triumph over the sterile Posthuman world of ‘The Singularity’ represented by the Observers.

5G Network & Virtual Reality: Towards Post-Humanism

Into the mix comes 5G Technology which will raise Human-Network Integration on a Planetary scale, making new experiences possible in augmented and virtual reality.

The fear is that we may become so immersed in Virtual Reality that it will change our understanding of Reality itself, as well altering what it means to be a Human being.


As Artificial Intelligence continues its rise, we are all faced with the same question: ‘Are you willing to upload yourself?’

The documentary ‘Technocalypse’ devotes considerable time to discussing Transhumanism and Posthumanism as well as their impact on Human Evolution.

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  1. says: Grant Castillou

    It’s becoming clear that with all the brain and consciousness theories out there, the proof will be in the pudding. By this I mean, can any particular theory be used to create a human adult level conscious machine. My bet is on the late Gerald Edelman’s Extended Theory of Neuronal Group Selection. The lead group in robotics based on this theory is the Neurorobotics Lab at UC at Irvine. Dr. Edelman distinguished between primary consciousness, which came first in evolution, and that humans share with other conscious animals, and higher order consciousness, which came to only humans with the acquisition of language. A machine with primary consciousness will probably have to come first.

    The thing I find special about the TNGS is the Darwin series of automata created at the Neurosciences Institute by Dr. Edelman and his colleagues in the 1990’s and 2000’s. These machines perform in the real world, not in a restricted simulated world, and display convincing physical behavior indicative of higher psychological functions necessary for consciousness, such as perceptual categorization, memory, and learning. They are based on realistic models of the parts of the biological brain that the theory claims subserve these functions. The extended TNGS allows for the emergence of consciousness based only on further evolutionary development of the brain areas responsible for these functions, in a parsimonious way. No other research I’ve encountered is anywhere near as convincing.

    I post because on almost every video and article about the brain and consciousness that I encounter, the attitude seems to be that we still know next to nothing about how the brain and consciousness work; that there’s lots of data but no unifying theory. I believe the extended TNGS is that theory. My motivation is to keep that theory in front of the public. And obviously, I consider it the route to a truly conscious machine, primary and higher-order.

    My advice to people who want to create a conscious machine is to seriously ground themselves in the extended TNGS and the Darwin automata first, and proceed from there, by applying to Jeff Krichmar’s lab at UC Irvine, possibly. Dr. Edelman’s roadmap to a conscious machine is at