The Meaning Of The Shabaka Stone

The Shabaka Stone: African Explanation Of The Big Bang Theory

The Shabaka Stone is a granite Rectangular Block dating from Ancient Egypt’s Twenty-fifth Dynasty that says how the world and entire Universe came into existence.

For this reason, the Shabaka Stone is an important document that changed world History that dates back to the Age of African Antiquity.

According to Professor Kaba Kamene and Dr Gabriel Oyibo, the Shabaka Stone explains the first version of the Physics Big Bang Theory first written in Metaphoric Egyptian Hieroglyphic Religious Script.

The Shabaka Stone is inscribed with Egyptian Hieroglyphic Medu Neter Writing System Text, which was developed in the Nile Valley Kemetic Civilization and was made by King Shabaka, Son of Nubian King Piye, the Founder of the 25th Dynasty when he copied the contents of a decaying Papyrus first written during Egypt’s First Golden Age Dynasty during the Old Kingdom circa 3 000 BC.

According to Professor Kaba Kamene in Spirituality Before Religion, the Shabaka Stone states Ancient Afrikan Religious Philosophy that dates back to Pre-Dynastic Egypt and it is actually a Metaphoric Scientific Ancient African version of the Big Bang Theory that first speculated on the Big Bang Moment of Creation and explained the origins of the Atom, the building block of matter. 

Mathematician Dr Gabriel Oyibo was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the Shabaka Stone after he developed Mathematical Equations from the Shabaka Stone which demonstrated that the Shabaka Stone speaks about the Unified Field Theory of Physics integrating Quantum and Particle Physics to explain the  fundamental forces and elementary particles of the Universe.

After developing the Theory Of Relativity, Albert Einstein died in search of the Grand Unified Field Theory for which Dr Oyibo was subsequently recognised for discovering by the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation. 

Shabaka Stone: The Big Bang & Origins Of The Atom

Dr Kaba Kamene contends that The Shabaka Stone is based on the Egyptian Memphite Theology of Creation, which explains the Big Bang moment creation of the Universe in terms of a Metaphoric story that actually reveals the Origin of the Atom, the Building Block of all matter in the Universe according to modern Physics.

According to the Memphite Theology the Shabaka Stone says that the Egyptian Neter Deity Atum was the first Primal Expression of the Supreme Being after the emergence of the Land (Hill) Ptah that rose from the Primordial Waters (Nun) after The Unseen Supreme Being emanated from the Nun Primordial Waters of inactive chaos using pure Thought expressed as Utterances or Sound (The Greek Logos)

The Shabaka Stone goes on the say that from the remaining Primeval Nun, the following Pairs of Physical Principles that are the principle Laws Of Nature emerged to form part of Atum:

(1) Nun and Naunet, i.e., the Above and Below. 

(2) Huh and Hauhet, i.e., Infinite and Finite;

(3) Kuk and Kauket, i.e., Darkness and Light; and

The Memphite Egyptian creation story of the Shabaka Stone then goes on to name the remainder of the 8 Principles that govern Natural Order. 

These Eight Deities are created when Atum (Atom) divides itself into other Deities made up of a total of 4 Pairs according to the Shabaka Stone. 

  (i) Shu (Air) 

(ii) Tefnut (Moisture)

(iv) Nut (Sky);

who are said to have given birth to four other Gods in the Shabaka Stone:

  (v) Osiris (the God of omnipotence and omniscience) 

(vi) Isis (wife of Osiris, Female Principle)

(viii) Nephthys (Female Principle in the Unseen World).

Thus in the Memphite African Theology recorded in the Shabaka Stone, the Deity Atom (Atum) as the first Building Block from which everything else was formed explains how the Atom came to become the basic building block of matter from the effects of Supreme Being’s Thoughts as pure Consciousness expressed as Vibrations or Sounds in the Primordial Waters (Nun). 

These same sounds used by The Supreme Being at the moment of creation are called Heka or Hekau in Ancient Metu Neter Kemetian Spirituality.

At the moment of creation, the Supreme Being by uttering the Hekau Aunkh! into the Primodrial Nun symbolised by the Ankh caused the creative explosion/eruption we now call the Big Bang.

The Shabaka Stone & Dr Gabriel Oyibo’s Grand Unified Theorem

The fact that the Metaphoric Religious Metaphoric story stated in the Shabaka Stone is actually a Scientific Theory and Explanation of the Big Bang origins of the Universe was explained convincingly by Dr. Gabriel Oyibo.

Dr. Oyibo came from Nigeria, and received his PhD in Aerodynamics and Mathematics in 1980 from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York City. 

After Einstein could not come up with a Grand Unified Field Theory on the primal Forces and Building Blocks of Nature following the Great Einsten/Bohr Debate on Quantum Theory, Dr. Oyibo developed his own equation called “GAGUT”– , the “God Almighty Grand Unified Thesis” which is expressed as: G ij, j = 0, and this Equation solved the Unified Field Theory Problem Einstein also attempted to solve.

Dr Oyibo’s Equations based on the Shabaka Stone essentially mean that the Big Bang is the outcome of The Utterances (Hekau) of the Supreme Being which were expressed as the Wave Formations that produced the Electromagnetic patterns resulting in the emergence of the Atom and Matter regulated by the system of Natural Laws governing Matter usually ascribed to Newtonian Physics.

In addition,  Dr Oyibo contends that according to the Shabaka Stone, the  element of Matter produced by the Supreme Being’s Utterenances or Wave Formations is Hydrogen which is the simplest Atom from which all other Atoms can be formed by simply combining Hydrogen Atoms in different numbers to make up the basic elements of Nature recorded in the Periodic Table.

Dr. Oyibo was also chosen for the United States Presidential Medal of Scientific Research and he has taught at many prestigious Universities like Massachusetts Institute of Modern Technology (MIT) and the Cambridge International Biological Centre.


In the final analysis, the meaning of the Shabaka Stone is found in what it says about the formation of the Universe in a Scientific manner. 

What the Shabaka Stone says about the Mechanics Of Creation is also consistent with and elaborates on the Big Bang Theory, a Speculation on the origins of the Universe that was only expressed from the early 20th Century.   

Its also important to note that the Shabaka Stone is an important contribution to world Civilization that originated in Pre-Colonial Africa’s Nile Valley Region.

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