Ancient Sacred Geometry Symbols

Ancient Sacred Geometry Symbols

Sacred geometry is typically understood as the language of the Divine, and may be viewed as a picture image of the mathematical laws behind the primordial framework of the observable Universe. 

It reveals a consistency and accuracy in the Laws Of the Universe that can show us that the same Mathematical Logic that lay behind the building of the Pyramids may be utilized to describe the shape of a Flower, a Seashell, a whole Galaxy as well as the Human Anatomy. 

Below are actually several of the most significant symbols in Sacred Geometry. 

Sacred Geometry Symbols

The Golden Fibonacci Spiral

Ancient Symbol Golden Rectangle


Sacred Geometry Octahedron Ancient Symbol


The Fruit of Life

Ancient Sacred Geometry Fruit Of Life


Metatron’s Cube

Ancient Sacred Geometry Metratron Cube



Ancient Symbols Sacred Geometry Tetrahedron


Tree of Life

Ancient Sacred Geometry Tree Of Life

Ultimately, the Mathematical Rules responsible for the Shapes in Sacred Geometry suggest that Nature is Mathematically organised, and provide a way of lifting a veil towards an understanding of the Divine Mind.

The consistency of these Laws also presents us with a further question concerning whether the Universe is a product of Intelligent design.

In the Documentary Fibonacci Planet, Sacred Geometry and the ultimate questions it presents are explored.