The Roswell UFO Conspiracy

The Roswell UFO Incident

Whether or not we’re alone in the Universe remains an enduring mystery.

There is some evidence that Extra-Terrestrials have been watching our Planet, and also that they’ve been directly involved in the development of our Civilization for a very long time.

A discussion on UFOs invariably leads to the infamous Area 51 US Airforce Airbase and the Roswell incident of 1947, widely regarded as one of the most significant Extra-Terrestrial contacts in modern History.

Located in the Nevada desert and used as a Test site for the Atomic Bomb dropped on Japan during World War 2, Area 51 is the most secure US Airforce Airbase and its been linked to innumerable UFO conspiracies.

Area 51 & The Roswell Incident

Area 51 has become inseparable from the UFO question particularly because of its association with the ‘Roswell Incident’.

In 1947, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

The US Army deployed a team from the Area 51 Base which attended to the crash site, cordoned it off and retrieved the Aircraft that had crashed in the Nevada desert.

The secrecy with which the US Army handled the operation has sparked widespread speculation as to what was really recovered on that day at Roswell.

In addition, several eye witness testimony reveals that the object that crashed was not an ordinary human aircraft but what looked like an Alien Spaceship or ‘Flying Saucer’.

What is interesting however is that over time, former Military staff retired from the US Army and who were involved in the Roswell operation have come out openly to state that an Alien Spacecraft together with 2 Alien bodies were indeed recovered by the US Army at Roswell.

They maintain that the reason the US Government has kept the results of the operation secret, is because it intended to reverse engineer the Alien Technology found on the Spacecraft in order to develop advanced Military weapons systems some of which are already in use such as the lethal ‘Stealth Bomber’ Plane, probably the most effective military fighter jet in use today since the Gulf War.

At the end of the day, the US Government attempted to explain the Roswell crash in its official statement stating that a ‘weather balloon’ had crashed at Roswell.

For these reasons, the Roswell conspiracy has simply refused to die and evidence of other UFO sightings since then has strengthened its credibility.

As more CIA Intelligence Files get De-Classified under the US Government’s ‘Cosmic Disclosure Project’, it appears that there may be an element of truth to the UFO Conspiracies surrounding the Roswell incident.