A History Of Ancient Robots

A History Of Ancient Robots

The question whether Ancient Robots existed in the Ancient world is intriguing.

This may be possible if we consider descriptions given of Ancient Robots and Intelligence in Ancient Texts from Ancient Sumer, Greece, China and India which suggest that humans have been familiar with the concept of Ancient Robots and Automatons for Thousands of years.

Our first Anciet Robot can be found in The Epic Of Gilgamesh, where we have Gilgamesh and his companion Enkidu travelling to the Cedar Forest on Mount Lebanon where they encounter and behead the Ancient Automaton Humbaba, the Guardian Of The Cedar Forest.

Humbaba who may have been an Ancient Robot in the form of an Ancient Android is described as a fierce one-eyed fire breathing creature whose eye and breath could strike men dead. 

Humbaba may therefore have actually been some kind of Intelligent Android Robotic weapon used for performing the specific task of defending the Cedar Forest by the Anunnaki Gods.

Ancient Robots Presence Across The Ancient World

In Greek mythology we have the story of Talos, the giant Bronze Ancient Robot Automaton who guarded the island of Crete by throwing boulders at ships of unwanted visitors and invaders.

Talos is most known from the story of Jason and the Argonauts where his task was to run around Crete three times a day and repel unwelcome visitors by either hurling huge stones at their ships or by heating himself red hot, and then holding them in a fiery embrace.

The legend of Talos once again reveals the possibility of an Ancient Robot programmed to perform a specific function.

In Ancient China we encounter the story of an engineer named Yong Chi who presented the King with the gift of a life-sized Robotic Automaton which was able to move and perform several impressive feats like singing,  walking and entertaining the King’s guests.

This Ancient Robot however was taken apart at the instance of the King to reveal an Artificial entity made of a complete set of artificial organs that could not speak or perform once its artificial Heart was removed. 

In this story, we may also have the story of another Ancient Android that was inoperable once its Core was removed.

Last but not least, we have an Ancient Robot from India In the legend of the Ajatashatru guards who may also have been Robotic automatons.

In Indian legend, these Ancient Robots carried out tasks like Trade, Farming and Executing Criminals.

In the Legend of the Ajatashatru Guards, the closely guarded secrets of Ancient Robot making and animation are stolen by a young Artisan and used to build automated soldiers for King Ajatashatru.

Control of this Army of Ancient Robots later passes onto another King after a series of violent battles fought with the Robots themselves.

Given that in Ancient India we already have stories of techologically advanced vehicles, and Ancient atomic warfare in the Vimana Epics, its no surprise that Ancient Indian legends would suggest the posibility of Ancient Robots and Automatons in India’s past.

In the final analysis, the possibility of Ancient Robots is intriguing.

Whilst there is no firm evidence, stories of all sorts of Ancient Robots suggest the existence of Mechanical Automatons that were used for simple tasks as Soldiers, Guards or Entertainers in the Ancient world.

The mechanism by which these Ancient Robots and Automatons were brought to life or programmed is not clear.

Some suggest Ancient mystical magical secrets on the art of Robotic Animation were used, but it may also have been due to some Ancient software or code we are yet to discover.

In our own time, the technology of Robotics has come full circle as we develop more advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence to take over more complex tasks and these developments may be just a continuation of the Ancient Robotic From The Ancient World.