Africa has produced different types of matrilineal systems, creating females that are powerful and rightful female heirs to the Throne.

As such, Africa has seen many royal lines of Queens that ruled but nowhere in Africa have we observed the matrilineal process in which one kingdom is exclusively ruled by a whole dynasty of Queens as is the case with the Modjadji Rain Queens Of Southern Africa.

Origins Of The Rain Queens

The Rain Queens known as Modjadji, are part of the Venda people from the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The Ancestors of the Rain Queens did not come from South Africa, but even further north in Zimbabwe where the dynasty of the Mutapa originates.

You will find 2 stories from African Oral history on the origins of the Rain Queens.

The very first states that a grave sin was committed in the Monomatapa Empire where the people blamed the Princess, demanding that she be executed in retribution.

The Princess subsequently escaped by asking her Father for the power of rainmaking after which she fled to South Africa with his blessing.

The other story reported is that the Shona Princess of Munhumutapa committed a great sin, and her Father stopped the people from killing her by giving his daughter the power of rainmaking, and told her to head south.

After she left home, the Princess founded her very own Kingdom based on a tight matrilineal structure, producing a line of Queens amongst the Venda people in which just the firstborn female inherits the Throne.

The Rain Queens of Modjadji continue to reign to this day, and Marvel Comics was evidently fascinated by this particular past so much it based the Character of Storm on Africa’s Modjadji Rain Queens. 

Now you…know!