Podcast: African Origins Of Civilization

African Origins Of Civilization Podcast

African Origins Of Civilization

Check out the 1st Episode of our new Black To The Future Podcast On The African Origins Of Civilization Hosted By: BA Herukhuti and Amun Heru Neteru

We discuss the African Origins of world Civilization based on the knowledge of Ancient Ethiopia which later became Ancient Kemet in Egypt and how the knowledge from Ancient Kemet in Egypt inspired Western and Eastern Civilization.

We also discuss how and why the information discovered by Black Historians, Egyptologists and Scientsists like Dr Ben Jochannan and Cheikh Anta Diop on the African Origins of World Civilization is not taught widely.

We also consider why Zechariah Sitchin’s Ancient Astronaut Theory is widely distributed as a means of explaining the Ancient Advanced African Civilizations instead of acknowledging the African Origins Of World Civilization.


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