Oumuamua: First Evidence of Alien Life In Space?

Oumuamua: First Evidence of Alien Life In Space?

Oumuamua, (Hawaiian for “scout”) is the first interstellar object we have detected.

Its unusual characteristics have resulted in speculation that Oumuamua may have been an artificial piece of Alien technology.

Artificial Alien Origins Of The Oumama Object

First sighted in October 2017, there is currently no photograph of the Oumuamua object.

However, the amount of light it reflected whilst in rotation suggests that it had an elongated, cigar-like shape. It also had an unusual tumbling motion similar to a spinning bottle.

The Oumuamua object’s unusual trajectory was because it was not influenced by the Sun’s gravity.

Various explanations have been given for this phenomenon with some suggesting that the Oumuamua object was propelled by gases from its surface.

What makes things even more confusing for Scientists however is that the Oumuamua object did not resemble an ordinary asteroid or comet.

The Spitzer Space Telescope also did not detect any heat in the form of infrared radiation from the Oumuamua object.  

As such, the origins and cause of the Oumuamua object’s propulsion and abnormal trajectory through Space remain largely unexplained.

Faced with these anomalies, its been suggested that the Oumuamua object may actually have been a Probe deliberately sent to Earth by an Alien Civilization.

From this perspective, the Oumuamua object’s abnormal path, motion and high velocity could be because it was actually debris from advanced Alien technological equipment.

 At this stage its not universally accepted that the Oumuamua object  was artificial in origin but the debate and investigations continue.

Perhaps one day the Oumuamua object will be regared as the first evidence of Alien life in Space.

Why The Oumuamua Object May Be The First Sign of Intelligent Life In Space