Black African Olmecs Of Ancient Mesoamerica

Black African Olmecs Of Ancient Mesoamerica
The Ancient African Olmec Civilization in Meso-America according to Dr Ivan Van Sertma's 'They Came Before Columbus'

According to researchers like Dr Van Sertima, The Olmecs  were Black Africans who came from West Africa and founded Civilization in Ancient Mesoamerica.

The Black African Olmec Civilization was a pre-Columbian Kingdom in the Americas with a Kingdom extending as far as Mexico, portions of the United States and Canada, and it existed before the Maya, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations.

Its been speculated that this Mesoamerican Civilization was built by a Race of Black Africans known as the Olmecs:

‘Of all the lost civilizations of Mesoamerica, that of the Olmec is the oldest and the most mystifying. We know very little about the Olmec – a mysterious culture considered by many as the Mother Civilization of Mesoamerica, that laid the foundation for the Mesoamerican cultural traditions.’ (Zechariah Sitchin)


The early research of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, as set out in his book They Came Before Columbus, suggests that the Olmecs may have been Black African Nubians of the Kemetic Civilization that settled In Mesoamerica.

Many of the remaining Stone Heads suggest that the Olmec were Black Nubians from Africa sailing from the Nile valley to the Americas to create the Olmec Black Civilization in Mesoamerica.

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima argues that there is also the possibility that the Olmecs were Black Africans from the Mandinka region of West Africa because of the Mende script that has been unearthed from the period of the Olmec presence in Ancient Mesoamerica.

One of the most important connections made to show that the Olmecs were Black Africans is the very strong similarities in Racial facial features between the Olmecs, West Africans and Ancient Nubians.

In addition, Olmec artwork has been found to comprise Motifs appearing in ancient Black West African art.


The Olmec Basalt Rock Figures that have been found demonstrate clear Black African features and cultural traits like cornrow hairstyles, braids and kinky hair connecting the Olmecs to the Black African regions in West Africa and the Egypt/Sudan region.


In support of the view that the Olmecs were a race of Black Africans, Graham Hancock states in ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’:

My own view is that the Olmec heads present us with physiologically accurate images of real individuals of negroid stock,charismatic and powerful African men whose presence in Central America 3000 years ago has not yet been explained by scholars.’

The idea that Olmecs were Black Africans, continues to be investigated, and whilst its not settled, there certainly seems to be some evidence in support of the idea that Olmecs were Black Africans which requires consideration and explanation.

The Black African Olmecs Of Ancient Mesoamerica