Meaning & Purpose Of The Luciferian Doctrine

Meaning & Purpose Of The Luciferian Doctrine

The meaning and purpose of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism is in the idea that ‘Lucifer is Divine and Terrestial light….our Intelligent Liberator and Saviour from pure Animalism’ (Helena Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine: Vol 2)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is one of the Occult leaders who tried to explain the meaning and purpose of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism. She was a Russian occultist, spirit medium, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875.

Helena Blavatsky developed an interest in Western esotericism during her teenage years.

According to Helena Blavatsky’s claims, in 1849 as part of her process in understanding the meaning and purpose of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism, she embarked on a series of world travels, visiting Europe, the Americas, and India.

Helena Blavatsky alleged that during this period she encountered a group of spiritual adepts, the “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom” who gave her the knowledge which gave her an understanding of the meaning and purpose of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism.

Helena Blavatsky also proclaimed that Theosophy or the Luciferian Doctrine was simply reviving an “Ancient Wisdom” which underlay all the world’s religions and she was the first Westerner to officially convert to Buddhism in India in 1880.

Later, she published ‘The Secret Doctrine’, a commentary on what she claimed were ancient Tibetan manuscripts delivered to her by the Ancient Spirit Masters.

The meaning and purpose of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism can be understood by viewing the Angel Lucifer or Satan as a Harbinger of Light in the Biblical Garden of Eden incident in which the Serpent persuaded Man to Eat the forbidden fruit so he could become self-aware.

According to the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism, this enlightened Man was superior to the ignorant automaton version of Man whose consciousness had not been woken.

In awakening Mankind’s Consciousness, the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism claim that Lucifer is really a Messenger and bringer of Light to Mankind rather than the evil Angel responsible for Mankind’s fall.

The Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism therefore portray themselves as a rejection of the ignorant man unaware of his full potential.

The Fallen Angel or Serpent of the Bible is therefore not Mankind’s enemy, but Mankind’s greatest ally because he opened his eyes when God would not according to the Luciferian doctrine and Satanism.

Fallen Angels & The Ancient History Of Mankind In The Luciferian Doctrine

The role of the Fallen Angels or Nephilim in Mankind’s Ancient History is controversial in the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism.

Whilst the Luciferian doctrine and Satanism regard the Fallen Angels as bearers of Light, Gnostic Teachings such as those contained in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls and Book Of Enoch suggest the opposite.

In the Gnostic Teachings, the Fallen Angels or Nephilim corrupted Mankind by imparting forbidden knowledge including the arts of War and Magic as part of the Culture that arose to form ‘Civilization’ beginning in Ancient Sumer and introduced by the Demi-Urge Anunnaki.

In Gnostic understanding, the teaching of these arts or knowledge was not sanctioned by The Most High.

As such, according to Gnostic Teachings, Lucifer or Satan is actually the creator of a deceptive alternative Reality Matrix against the will of the ‘True’ God and is not Mankind’s friend.

In the final analysis, if there really is a Cosmic conflict between Lucifer and The Most High, then it seems as if Mankind is caught in the midst of a War between the Gods, and is not really in a position to judge which of them is better and who to believe.

These are all Higher dimension entities that can essentially tell Humans whatever they wish to be believed according to their own agenda, and Mankind really has no way of determining who is the true ally.

On this basis, the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism may really not be any better or worse than any other Religion that claims a supernatural influence.

The Luciferian Doctrine, Satanism & The New Age

The role of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism is evident in the New Age Movement.

The term ‘New Age’ is derived from Ancient Astrology, and refers to a period of time defined as an ‘Astrological Age’.

There are twelve Astrological Ages corresponding to the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and Astrologers claim movement of the Astrological Ages parallels major changes in the development of Earth’s inhabitants, particularly relating to Consciousness in culture and society.

Satanism Occult New Age Luciferiniasm

The length of one cycle of twelve ages is 25,860 years after which a New Age under a new Zodiac sign is initiated.

In our era, the ‘New Age’ will be under the sign of Aquarius,  ‘The Waterbearer’.

Its been suggested that the arrival of this New Age will usher in a new era of Human Consciousness and Higher Self-awareness.

It would seem that Transhumanism is the next logical step in the Luciferian Doctrine concept of Human evolution as Human Consciousness explores new frontiers by escaping the limitations of the Human body after the Singularity.

This desire to achieve God-like Consciousness appears to be in line with the teachings of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism.

Conclusion: Future Implications Of The Luciferian Doctrine & Satanism

The public perception of Satanism and Luciferian Doctrine figures like Aleister Crowley has ensured that the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism are reviled without being fully understood.

Nevertheless, even when we try and understand the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism, we are presented with an Ancient Occult Philosophy that takes the opposite side in a familiar Ancient Cosmic War story of the Gods.

Ultimately, the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism draw attention by taking one side in a Cosmic drama of duality.

However, the consequences of the Luciferian Doctrine and Satanism are worth paying attention to as technological advances approach new heights and its influence on the Transhuman agenda is felt.