Nut: The Black Mother Goddess Of Egypt

Nut: The Black Mother Goddess Of Egypt

In Kemetic Spirituality, Nut is the Black Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egypt or Kemet developed in the Nile Valley.

According to Egyptologist Dr Ben Jochanan, Ancient Egypt or Kemet was the land of the Black people that built the Egyptian Nile Valley Civilization that was founded by the Menes, the first Black Pharaoh of Egypt’s first Dynasty who unified Upper (Southern) and Lower (Northern) Egypt into a single unified Kingdom.

Nut the Black Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egypt is regarded as the Goddess of the sky, and in Egyptian teachings, she is the Granddaughter of the Creator God Ra when she was born of the union of the Gods Shu and Tefnut, the Gods of Air and Moisture. 

Shu and Tefnut united to produce the Sky, Geb, and the Earth, Nut.

Nut and Geb were paired and Nut the Black Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egypt then gave birth to 4 gods: Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys.

Nut the Black Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egypt reflected the Black Egyptian Kemetic understanding of the circle and process of life where Nut is depicted giving birth to the Sun God Osiris whose light shines on the Goddess Isis.

Nut is also depicted swallowing the Moon as it passes over her entire body during the night until the moment of Birth at Sunset, and she is a representation of the the fact the Ancient Black Egyptians understood the concept of the Circle of life.

Nut the Black mother Goddess of Ancient Egypt was also known by other names such as Nwt, Newet, Nuit, and Neuth which all referred to the sky and would become the foundation of the English words night, equinox, and nocturnal.

Since Ancient Egypt was founded as a Black Civilization and existed as such at least until the 12th Dynasty before the first Arabs arrived in Egypt, Nut is identified as a Black Woman standing on all fours as her fingers and toes touch the horizon.

Nut the Ancient Egypt’s Black Mother Goddess also leans over her husband Geb, depicted as the Earth who is nourished by the fruits from the womb of the Mother Goddess Nut. 

In addition, Nut’s 4 Limbs have been regarded as signifiers of the 4 cardinal directions of North, South, East and West.

UItimately Nut the Black Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egypt represents how the Black Egyptians who founded Egypt understood the concept of the feminine.

Through Nut, the Black Mother Goddess of the Ancient Egypt, the Black Ancient Egyptians understood that the feminine principle was the sacred foundation upon which all life depended. 

Although there are no Temples built in honour of Nut, there is no doubt that she is one of the most important Goddesses of Black Ancient Egypt demonstrating that Women in Ancient Africa were honoured and regarded as sacred because they were the source of Life. 

The veneration of Nut in Ancient Egypt is evident in those Egyptian Statues which are coloured in Blue to represent the connection to Nut, the Cosmic Mother Goddess of Ancient Egypt. 

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